What's your pvp record?

I’m at invasions 1081 games, 1036 victories.
Revenge, 160 games 151 victories.

i have over 6000 games total (Invasion and Revenge ) 5900~ Wins but this stats are useless . You only need Time no Skill ( Level 682)

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4057 matches, 4007 wins. :slight_smile:

As in actual record keeping? A W-L of 1234-100.

Revenges: 59-14, but haven’t had any since January 2016.

2929 total invades 2905 victories
started playing right before Christmas.

This is basically’ “How many losses before you discovered the force-close work-around?”


I think so pretty much lol

Yep, probably, but not everybody knows about that “exploit”. And some do know, but do not care about losing.

I though, am a big fan of the force-close work-around :smile:

I have used a few times. found out about it probably around lvl 150 almost 600 now.
saves guild a trophy so will continue to use as long as it works mainly for guild, otherwise I don’t care

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It’s a shame they don’t keep stats on your defence team. I seem to win at least 2 out of 3, and it’s not uncommon to have 8 defence victories when I check the game in the morning. Except when I put up 4 fortress gates when I need the revenge task. May have to change that since my gates have an attack of 8 lol

force out or not win ratio probably still for most 95% or better I would think atleast on the lower cpl settings. people playing in upper warlord difficulty probably drops some

I only use it when it makes sense, i.e., if I’m not at Rank 1 and it’s faster to quit out than to lose. I just hit 900 games with 873 wins (so 27 losses). I’m apparently 102/102 for Revenges.

No Level 1000 here? Would like to know his stats .

I don’t think revenges chart right I show same also but I know I have lost atleast 1 revenge

(Sarcasm mode on) Invasions 3078 Victories 3078 , Revenge Games 943 Victories 943, I think on the whole I have just got very lucky (sarcasm mode off)

The above picture has not been photo shopped by an expert in any way.


I see you chose your words carefully :grin:

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It’s more of a paint reworked by an expert :slight_smile:

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nice 100% win ratio. how can I highlight mine with the red squiggly line :slight_smile:

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I knew how to do this on the old XB1 interface but not after the last update:
How do I get the XBone to show the total amount of hours one has spent playing a game?

On the PC, Windows 10 also has a parameter somewhere that shows total number of hours that an App has been used.

yeah, steam is showing the time you have spent on the game.