What's this sound mean? LEGENDARY in battle

I was playing the new Challenges and got this while playing, lol I was actually surprised because that was also the old sound for legendary troops from chests.

Did it only happen once?

I’m hearing LEGENDARY and EPIC a lot in matches since the 4.5 update, usually when a big match chain occurs. I think it’s a neat new feature.

I turned my sound on last weekend for the first time this year while doing the faction event and heard epic and legendary quite often when I casted Gobtruffle and got a lot of matches.

This is a new thing in 4.5, and plays with the sound “Epic” at 5 Mana surges, and “legendary” at 10.


Is it a mythic version too?
Or it may be added on a let’s say match 64 gems?

It happened a few times during the battle, and it’s happening in other battles too. I don’t mind it, i like it. It just surprised me is all :grinning: