What's the maximum possible Skull Damage hit?

Couldn’t find this info in the forums, sorry in advance if this has been answered.

The question arose because of the Ubastet bug (or not bug) whereas Ubastet doesn’t kill the second troop if Savior skill shields said 2nd troop once the first troop was destroyed, thus suggesting that the game doesn’t use a “kill” function, but instead they shoved a gazillion points of damage whenever they want to inflict Lethal.

Anyway, back to the question: what would be the maximum damage inflicted (irrespective of the defender’s 1000ARM & 1000LIF limit) with skulls if the troop was enraged, 1000ATT, opponent has Hunter’s Mark… and anything else that may increase damage effects (e.g. triple damage by Webspinner) with optimal use of Skulls/Doomskulls on the board? Which troop/weapon would take the title?

Just in case anyone has already crunched the numbers, or feels like a little challenge… :stuck_out_tongue:


2k… Less than 10.

Assume the defender has Hunter’s Mark and the attack is Enraged, that’s a given. 2x and 1.5x respectively.

Dragonguard hero class with max 1000 attack
Razor Armor with max 1000 armor
Fireblade with enemy Burning
= ( 1000 + (1000 * 0.2) ) x 3 = 3600

Frostling troop with max 1000 attack
Enemy is Frozen and Webbed
= 1000 x 2 x 2 = 4000

So 4000 x 3 = 12000.

Doomskulls on board don’t factor in? :thinking:

and 64 doomskulls lol

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If it was 64, I’m pretty sure the current mechanics treat that as one match, so it’d be…

Base 1000 damage plus crit (2) plus 64*5 (320)…

1322 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 1.5
12000 x 1.322

= 15864

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preferable then to have multiple independent simultaneous matches? Sounds like we’d be above 100k! :sweat_smile:

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Let’s take webspinner (that has highest current skull dmg multiplier, 3x on webbed enemies).
Hunter mark and enraged, 2x and 1.5x.
Doomskull match, so 5 dmg/skull instead of 1.

1000 attack of course.

Match 3 (so +15)
9015 for a match 3 doomskulls.

Or let’s say could somehow convert whole board, would be 9000 + 64x5; 9320.

I’m not quite sure how dmg multipliers do apply. It can make a difference, if they apply just to the base attack, or if they apply to the base attack plus base skull match damage.
In webspinner’s case, if the mutipliers apply to the base + skull damage, it would be instead, for 64 doomskulls:
(1000+320)x3x2x1.5 = 11880.

Dragonguard’s Razor Armor lets it beat Webspinner and other things with “only” triple damage.

Frostling beats Dragonguard.

Regardless of how Doomskulls impact the math.

Cough Bunnynog vs knights Cough.

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If u count instant kills on skull damage from certain classes, I think it’s infinite
If u do it on something that returns damage, u will die not matter how much more life/armor u have

these numbers are insane, love it!

But there’s one thing i don’t see aorund here yet despite all caculation (correct me if i’m wrong)

Let’s say you get 64 doomskulls as a “single match” this would also cause it to be a CRITICAL HIT right? Since it’s basically a 5-match?

Yes but sadly this isnt D&D or some kind of fantasy mmorpg, matching 5 skulls you can admire the CRITICAL HIT pop up, ear the voice saying you did one but damage is the same as a 3 skulls match +2 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Never mind lol… as i was re-reading the thread i noticed this (my bad!):

Oops! Okay so that would easily beat out everything else. Using my math from before, it comes out to 15k without Doomskulls, against Frostling’s 12k.

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