Whats the Best point in the game, TO START A NEW GUILD , for easy targets in guild wars?

From what i’m seeing , thats the move . Play for a while in a guild , When opponents start to get to strong in guild wars , well just start a new one so i can smash the new players to the game . Yaa know , easy targets . Seems to be the trend. So what a good time to do that ? Seems wrong to me but hey , everyone else is doing it , right , so why Shouldn’t I.

Sounds like a dumb move.

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Starting a new guild is the smartest, most punishing move you can make in the game.

Because all the other new guilds have to fight your empty guild forever, haha.

I’m not really looking to start a new guild , just pointing out out a trend . Could be why theres so many one man guilds . Top players plant alts in guilds ,hang around until guild is starting to have stronger opponents or the guild leader learns they are being used . Then on to the next victim . Seems really wrong to me . Maybe its just me . Maybe if a person could only ever start one guild and one only , things might change . Now because of honor being in the game , everyone has multiple alts to give themselves honor . Now you have one or two alts milking, up and coming guilds . Really . Beginners feeding there opponents a steak dinner , weekly . Thats Just wrong .

That is a dumb reason to start a new guild. What is so fun about crushing much weaker opponents anyway. Trust me, fighting a lvl 999,999 guild is boring when you start out a new guild full of +100 lvl players.

The best time to start a new guild is when you have a group of friends who want to stick together or other players are already lined up to join your guild. Cold recruiting is hard. Even if you manage to get a lot through random guild joining, many will not be ideal members.

Read right above your comment .

No. It’s not.

This is a Extrend not a trend

What would be point? Sure, you could technically gain 50 sigils each GW day this way, while passing on a much, much larger pile of resources due to joining a weak guild. I somehow doubt enough players would intentionally pick the goat when offered the car to call this a “trend”.

This doesn’t really make any sense. Maybe in the lower brackets there are people with that mentality, but none of the “top players” I know are interested in maintaining alts to get “an easy match”.

Most top players would point out if they want to steamroll a team they have Explore. Quite a few of them would also point out if they want a lot of easy matches they’d play PvP. It’s cocky, but once you have enough troops they’re right.

What you’re proposing in my eyes is, “People who have the means to do a level 500 Delve are instead making a new alt every few months so they can social engineer their way into a guild and fight 30 easy matches once per month, then leaving the guild to repeat.” It just sounds like too much work for too little payoff to me?