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What's in the console Event Pack for this week? (update this please)

Good idea, I will add total needed under each specific arcane stone.

huh umm ignore this message.

either I’m crazier than I think or I responded to sumthin that dissapeared.

I already made up my mind on this, demonicDraco, ready the reply again.

I made this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=96ntHc8Liig Vid on the weekly console event. if people like em I can keep doin and maybe discuss the weekly pay stuff if people want… it doesn’t seem very popular though…


Draco, that’s good. If I may suggest a way to upsell your vid for search keywords? Your YouTube vid is simply listed as “Corrupted goblin”. Perhaps it could use a sexier title like “Gems of War on console: Here’s the Hobgoblin,” and further subtitling like “Gems of War for PS4 and Xbox One. New troop for the current Event: Corrupted Goblin”.

This won’t necessarily improve your ratings for this week, but doing something similar might provide an extra boost for your next vid, if you’re so inclined!

I’m not sure how it’s done (as I’m Away From Console etc) but can Fire Draco’s actual vid be linked into the Xbox streams despite it being made on PS4? The consoles share the same GoW version, after all.

And I agree with Tacet’s comment, it’s about time we have someone covering Gems for consoles. :slight_smile:

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We Misguided Misfits aren’t all that misguided in GoW afterall :wink:

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good ideas, I’ve never really made vids before. but honestly with so few views (under 30) not really sure there is enough interest to bother…

New troop this week: Bul’tauros!
Finally red\yellow stones for my moloch <3

How did you find that out this early?

Go to your troop list and select "show all"
He is listed there already :slight_smile:

Weird. It’s not showing up for me, even after closing the program and reloading.

Maybe it’s related to time zones. I’m in PDT.

Maybe. Already 7am here (gmt+1) and I can see him :smiley:

Ah I see. That makes a lot of sense. Thanks for the heads up :slight_smile:

If that’s true then that means the kingdom is Divinion Fields…


Yet another week of waiting for Soothsayer.

May 3 to May 9, 2016;

Bul’Tauros (from Divinion Fields)
2 Event keys
200 souls
2500 gold
2x Arcane Storm Traitstones
4x Minor Fire Traitstones
Cost: 300 Glory

Bul’Tauros: Spell is “Stampede” (11 red/yellow)
Deal [2+Magic] damage randomly split among enemies, and use my Life to Boost damage. [Boost Ratio 2:1]


Misread Bul’Tauros as burritos. perhaps i should eat.


Weapon special for this week is a green horn called Bullroarer.

Week of May 3rd to May 9th, 2016

Item uses 12 green mana, gives all allies additional life.
Is it worth purchasing this Bullroarer weapon?

After wondering how this weapon and Green Seer might affect a Goblin team, I did finally end up picking up the Bullroarer. This and the last purchase has booted me to VIP 4 on console.

I’ve also noticed I was picking up quite a few green Runics, so I don’t know if the purchase had anything to do with that. Perhaps it’s a measure to help the newbies trait their goblin teams against all you experts heheh.

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7 new troops This week. Finally a new kingdom! Darkstone :blush:
Afaik dimetraxia will be the event troop?!

No that’s the quest line troop