What's in the chests at any given time

Hi all,

I am a new player on PC/mobile. I see a lot of posts about what cards are in a type of chest at any given time. Where is this information found? I have searched and have not found the source. Thanks.

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Hi Stella,

There are two things that combine to provide an answer to that question:

  1. Different types of chests contain different rarities of troops. For example, Gold chests contain common and rare troops, Glory chests contain rare troops and above, Gem chests contain Ultra-rare troops and above (with higher probabilities of getting epic, legendary and mythic troops than Glory chests). I’ll come back to guild chests and event chests below.
  2. Newly released troops don’t go into the drop pool for the relevant chests until 4 weeks after release. For a list of what is NOT yet available, see here:

Event chests have contents that vary based on the current week’s kingdom. They are like gem chests, except that they only have epic and legendary troops from the weekly event kingdom (Mist of Scales for this week on PC/Mobile), and mostly kingdom troops for the ultra-rares, although you will sometimes get some random ultra-rares from other kingdoms.

Guild chests vary based on how many seals your guild has earned for the week. For every guild chest that you open, you first get a 50% chance of getting a Guardian troop, then a troop (or traitstone) from the relevant rarity levels. For example, if your guild has not earned any seals yet, the chests only contain common and rare troops (like a gold chest) for non-guardian troops. The more seals your guild earns, the better the troops that are available from guild chests.

I hope that is a helpful reply - if you have further questions, just ask and someone will answer!


Here is a rundown:

Gold Chests - These contain a mixture of Common rarity troops (in white), Rare troops (in green), minor traitstones, major traitstones, and rarely either 400ish gold, 20 souls, or 1-2 gems.

Glory Chests - These contain all troops except Commons, all traitstones except minor, and rarely some gold, souls, or gems. The vast majority are going to be Rare and UltraRare (in blue). Mythics (in silver) occur around 1 in 10000 chests.

Gem Chest - These are like Glory Chests except no Common or Rare troops and no Minor or Major traitstones. UltraRare are the majority with some Epic (in purple). Mythics occur around 1 in 1000 chests

Event Chest - These are just like Gem Chest except any Lgendary (in orange) and Epic is from the Kingdom of the week. The UltraRares are typically from the Kingdom of the week, but rarely may be one of a few other UltraRares. It is assumed that if the Kingdom has a base Mythic, than it has a 1 in 1000 drop chance.

VIP Chest - These require VIP 5 to purchase. They give just Epic, Legendary, and Mythic troops. Mythic occur at a 1 in 100 chance. Epics and traitstones are given in pairs per chest. Additionally every chest gives 2000 gold.

Guild Chests depend on the level unlocked by your guild this week. At the lowest they are equal to a Gold Key. At level 6 they are Gem Keys. Regardless of guild progress though, every chest has a 50% of producing one of the guild guardians instead until you have all 6 at Mythic and have 4 of each.

In addition to all that, troops aren’t normally available from chests until 4 weeks after release. I do my best to maintain that list here - Updated “Not in chests” list


@Stan and @Rasper did great write up. As you are new, here is the link to the official support FAQ it may answer some addition question you’ll surely have.

Link to Chests sub page from the site above


Thanks for the replies. I understand the basic concepts of chests and the levels of troops they hold. My question is that there seems to be people who know what legendary and mythic troops are available that week. Where is this information published.

In the chests interface, you will see a message that says “Chest rewards will change in 4d”. What are these specific rewards? I do not want to spend keys for troops that I have or do not want. Regards.

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I usually get most of the information of future events/troops/traitstone from this unofficial spoiler thread:

Also @Rasper has made a spreadsheet of future events/troops/traitstone.

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When people are talking about that, they are talking about event chests. Event chests are the best way to target specific cards, but you can only do it when the weekly event coincides with what you want. For example, last week, the event was Khetar, so if I wanted to get a Bone Dragon or Keeper of Souls (the 2 legendaries from Khetar), I would open event chests. There is zero chance of getting any other legendary. In gem chests, I have the same odds of pulling A legendary, but it could be any one of about 30 in the game.

Thanks all. You answered my questions!

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One last clarification: for mythics, there are two additional wrinkles. First, in the first week that a new mythic is released (like tomorrow, for instance), anyone that pulls a mythic using a glory, gem or VIP key will get that new mythic. In any other week, they would randomly get any of the previously released mythics. So, in the week that a new mythic is released, you will see people going all-in spending a lot of keys and gems to try to get them while they are exclusive. After that, the odds of getting a specific mythic that you want are extremely remote. Second, where a mythic is associated with a particular kingdom (Draakulis lives in Ghulvania, Jotnar lives in Stormheim, etc.), then when the relevant kingdom has a weekly event, using event keys has a chance to pull that specific mythic. Success rates for this tend to be very low, but it is the only other way to try to target a specific mythic if you are missing it.

While you’re new to the game and still building up your collection, in my opinion, you should mostly be spending your gold, glory and gem keys as you get them since there is a good chance that you’ll get a troop that you don’t have. Once you have most of the troops, then you can start using event keys selectively to target troops that you want then their kingdom is having a weekly event.

This would be a Quality of Life (QoL) Addition…

I think there should be a button to view what is currently in each chest, on each chest’s tab. This way we can verify if we should spend our resources on trying to get X card.


…when participating in a raffle one usually knows the exact content of the lottery jackpot.