What unlocks Vulpacea?

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I’d like to know the prerequisites for unlocking Vulpacea.

My alternate account – which I use for data gathering for my tables (link below) – has all kingdoms unlocked except Nexus, Hellcrag and Vulpacea, but quests only done as far as Zhul’kari. None of those three kingdoms appear on my map. What, specifically, do I need to do to access each one?

While they’re slightly out of date right now, my reference tables appear at Gems of War Quick Reference Tables

Just south of stormheim. A little gold to unlock.

You might need to do the other 2. Kingdom’s appear in chunks, and Vulpacea could be the first in a new chunk.

No, it’s not on the map.

Never mind. I think only the devs can answer this question.

Kingdoms are unlocked and appear on the map in groups. You see a new group only after you complete kingdom quests in the current group.
Look here: click-click
Clearly, your alternate account is from a time in the GoW timeline when you could unlock all kingdoms at any order, which is how you managed to unlock them all without playing their quests. Which means that account is at least 3.5-4 years old - it had to be created when rules were different (I don’t know which update exactly changed this, but it had to be sometime after the release of Sin of Maraj, i.e. the youngest kingdom outside the new three - Nexus, Hellcrag and Vulpacea, and before October 2019, which is when I started playing and kingdoms were in groups already).

So, in short, you need to complete all quests in all kingdoms up to and including group 9 (i.e. Glacial Peaks, Maugrim Woods, Ghulvania and Zaejin) and only then you will see the new three kingdoms.

Thanks for the link. Last time I looked there, they hadn’t added any of the new kingdoms.

You’re right about the timing of the account.

I wonder if doing just the kingdom quests in group 9 or group 10 would get the other three kingdoms to appear. That’s what I reckon only the devs might be able to answer.