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What troop event buffs are you looking forward to?

We’ve seen the influence of +25% and +50% on a few troops so far, like Rowanne currently getting an armor boost which yields bigger AE, and Orion getting lots of attack making his 3rd trait lethal. What future combos are you looking forward to or dreading?

Adana / Mech could be nasty. Bombots getting a big boost for roughly a 45 point AE. Carnex seeing his armor and attack go up, combining to give over 60 damage on skull matches.

Stormheim / Giant would make some big life totals. Berserker would be 150 armor+life. Ettin, with just +25%, would have over 50 attack after a single empowered cast.

Ghulvania / Undead. Crimson bat with a 27 point true damage AE. Draakulis with a 23 point lifetap. Even wraith would be ugly.

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The Crimson bat buff for sure.

I’m kind of curious if troop bonuses buff hero. The 4 so far didn’t have any hero class associated with it. If it works on hero, it would be interesting to see a Karakoth or Daemon event.

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Knight (or Monster) and Leonis Empire for pure unadulterated Khorvash domination

Pride Guard might be interesting too, with boosted armor all around and extra magic making for a big nuke

Monster buffing Khorvash and Bat will be disgusting.

And Kraken, Manticore, Mist Stalker…

Dragons and Undead, at the same time. :smiley: