What to do with 5000 diamonds?


Hello, I have now over a 5000 diamonds (thnaks to my incredible guild: Final Fantasy, the best!!!)
The question is, what the smarter way to waste it for me to advance more in the game? I have already the dragon and celestial armour, all the kingdoms at level 10 and almost all legendary troops.

Sorry for my bad english :sweat_smile:


Save them for Event Keys, so you can complete your collection.


I would spend about 1,800 buying 200 gem keys then save the rest for events keys for kingdoms that you don’t have the legend for or for kingdoms that don’t have mythic legends.


VIP Keys are handy if you have access to them and are selective about what you’re after, problem is they cost a truckload (and you might not have access). If you’re looking to buy in bulk, Gem Keys are good.


Or… You can trade some of those in for Gold and giveback to your guild as Task Contributions…?


Lol better to say you have, pvp the 30000 and save the gems for more useful stuff :slight_smile:


I would do 550 gem chests , but thats just me, still need that damn Shegs…


Donate them to me…I gonna buy some easter candy for them. :slight_smile:

Probably I would had buyed 500 gem chests, here. :slight_smile:


While that would be appreciated, I don’t find the Gems >to> Gold exchange rate worth it, and would rather it spent on something more worthwhile instead of (not even) one Gem task for 240 gems.

I’d go Gem keys personally. In hopes of more troops for Mythic ascension, missing Legendary troops, or Traitstones to build up kingdom star levels and tribute count, earning even more Gems in the long run.


Yeah Zelfore, I think i will do it, buy gem keys, change diamonds for gold is a very bad idea, i think… :cold_sweat:


Get the dragon or the celestial Armor. I bought Dragon armor asap…the gold boost and the decent soul boost is perfect for me as I am in an ultra competitive guild…and the right armor speeds up achievements and guild tasks.


He already have both armors.:slight_smile:


240 Gems is not worth the ~300 Glory Keys?


collect all the armours in armour tab located in the shop to unlock and get deathknight armour for free? If @Sirrian has implemented something like that then that is one heck of a grindy easter egg for the players and i would enjoy finding out about it as i am trying to collect all the armours.


I just woke up so maybe my brain isn’t cranking yet, but how does this math work, exactly?