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What to do? Do I stay or do I find a new Guild

So I joined a guild a month ago, thinking that it was small and that would give me opportunity to grown with the guild. However the other two members(one of those being the owner) have not logged in at all this last month . I’ve been doing the tasks (stopped now) but I gotten the guild 17 mastery tokens.

However I can’t buy mastery upgrades :cry:

I’m a level 65, I’m not a hard core player but do love to play a bit each day (mostly PvP and maps) I currently have 10 kingdoms and 104 troops.

Do I stay and just build my rank up through the tasks or do I just leave and start over again give up on 17 tokens I’ve created so far?

I’m bored being by myself

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Leave. Without a doubt. A good portion of this game is derived from involvement in active guilds. Even your daily bonus.


Yeah leave that guild. There are plenty of great laid back guilds on pc. 17 mastery tokens will not take long at all to build as an active guild. :slight_smile:

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Thank you. I’m on Mobile but will check out whats in this forum and see if I can find one that fits :slight_smile:


Mobile and PC share the same environment. It is only Xbox and PS that are isolated to themselves.

The first few guilds I was in were like that too and at first, I doubted a lot like you too. There was also always one or two members like me that contributed quite a bit of gold so we occasionally got some tasks done, but if only the few of us put gold in the guild and the others are all gone; including the admins, then it’s just no use to stay. Then, after those few times, I always checked the Roster first to see who’d been online recently or not. If the admins were gone for a long time, I’d leave right away and look for another. That system suited me a lot better.

Good luck with finding a good guild!


[quote=“Taisiakat, post:4, topic:10785”]
Thank you. I’m on Mobile but will check out whats in this forum and see if I can find one that fits :slight_smile:
[/quote] Send me a p.m. if you’ve not found a suitable guild yet. Our guild leader is very active and ensures that we are too. People must post in guild chat if they’ll be inactive for a few days, or they will get the boot if they stop playing with no notification. Must be at level 40.

That sucks! I’ve contributed a lot to my guild too but others haven’t been active, so I just started looking for a new guild too.

For example a regular active guild gets 17 Tokens in an hour or 2 at most so don’t worry about your token part :slight_smile:


Well would you do with a level 36, extremely active, just started 4 days ago ?
been swooping between seemingly dead guilds these past couple of days.

i would actually want to start contributing to an active guild !

Apologies, SIC, but guildmaster just raised minimum level to 60. :frowning:

When you get to level 50 Realm of the Undead
Very active guild
Level 371
One spot open
Mariana, GM

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Awesome Guild!!! We’re all working together… and having fun.:dancers: