What the new dungeon system should have been

Each day Monday-Saturday could have been an element theme. For example:

Monday: Fire
Tuesday: Water
Wednesday: Earth
Thursday: Nature
Friday: Light
Saturday: Dark
Sunday: Treasure/vault theme (diamonds) or whatever

The layout could have been similar to factions. Add a little extra depth by adding more paths/rooms and difficulty scaling. Could still include traps/boons or whatever you want, it’s okay to be a little creative here. Can also include any dungeon modifiers you’d want.

Venturing through the dungeon you would get chests that would award element themed loot (forge scrolls, deeds, pet food, gems, stones etc.).

I don’t know, maybe I’m crazy here, but I was immensely disappointed with the re-work they came up with.

All I’m saying is that there was SO much potential to get creative here, and they come up with the most un-inspired re-work I could have possibly imagined.


We’ve had similar discussions in our guild, this rework was massively disappointing - we were expecting y’know… a dungeon. Not 6 doors and basically the exact same ‘Dungeon’ we’ve always had but now with traps.

I’d love a redesign more like what you’ve suggested, but I doubt they’ll even glance at this as they’ve only just done a (albeit minimal) change.

I suspect the devs just wanted to make it a little more interesting than running the three battles each day for jewels (which is still worth doing). I don’t think they wanted to duplicate Delves. It’s one of those dilemmas with updating a very old game mode without breaking what it gives.

As for the themes, they exist in the opponents and the jewel rewards: each battle is predominantly the colour of the day, culminating in the dragon boss’s colour.

It may not be terribly creative – and the huge (optional) Gem sink really sucks – but at least we can access the previous daily offer without doing any of the battles, if we want.


If I was the Developer,

  • I would have 3 dungeons with color/element daily rotation.
  • You need to select one of these Dungeon path. Dungeon selection reveal the team restriction, which is unknown before the selection and there is a chance that the Dungeon comes with a trap. Based on the team restriction you build your team.
  • Each dungeon consist of 3 battles. Each battle victory reward you with unique resources and Dragonite.
  • Rewards can be multiplied based on your battle score.
  • There is a chance to get deeper dungeon which can be activated as one of the unique rewards. Deeper dungeon is one Boss battle that allows you to earn 3x the reward including the Dragonite.
  • No perfect run mechanic.

I’m not suggesting copying delves as I think delves are pretty bad too, but it could have been a similar layout. I only suggested that because it’s a template they already have down, and we all know how uncreative they are. I would have opted for something completely different personally. Maybe something more similar to slay the spire where you can choose paths and make decisions.

I’m also not sure what’s interesting about hiding dungeons behind a door making it possible to get cursed before the dungeon. All they did was effectively make dungeons harder and didn’t increase diamond rewards - at least not by a meaningful amount. There is nothing fun, interesting, or “more like doing a dungeon” about that.

We need ways of attaining forge scrolls, deeds, and colored pet food. These dungeons would be a great way of doing that - as they are time gated - but not excessively so like tower of doom is at the moment. It’s going to be like 70 weeks or so before the next blue tower of doom event rolls around, which is completely unacceptable.

Personally I’m not really in a position where I need these resources quite as much, but new and mid players are going to have a miserable experience with this game the way things keep going.