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What teams are you finding successful in PVP since update?

The only two teams I have found where I can win 95% of the time is mercy/alchemist/hellcat/gard and green seer/giant spider/kraken/kraken.

All of the teams I enjoy playing that don’t require targeted looping back and forth I lose due to AI cascades and skull drops about 30-40% of the time. I’ve been playing for a year and I’ve never struggled to just play and win some battles. I’m also finding that since I am losing so many more and the ones I win require teams that double the time to play, my gold production has been cut in half.

Would anyone mind sharing their tricks for farming gold without wanting to punch something?

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Welcome to Console world.
I am glad this has happened as the PC players called BS when us console players complained.

It just takes a bit of getting used to. However, they have also modified the gem spawns, so we will get the new paych next week on console, so we will suffer just the same.

The easy answer is for the Devs to listen and fix the game prior to releasing new shit that breaks the game even more.



I’m using the same exploder team and Krys team that I used before patch

Well i dont know how it plays yet until we get the new console version, but:


Is super reliable most of the time. Also Abnesia or however you spel her is reliable.

GWs is going to be tougher i think though. Espicially with the impervious trait being broken :mask:

Ok I actually just found something even more reliable.

Alchemist/Alchemist/Hellcat/Gard Proud banner. Get red gems (+2 proud +2 alchemists) to fill up alchemist and start looping. With two alchemists you can turn the whole board yellow and it’s quick!

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I pulled out an old team of mine and it still seems to be as reliable as ever. It’s not the fastest, but still seems to work.

Talon Banner (+2 Yellow / +1 Green / - 1 Blue) OR Dark Elven Banner (+1 Green / + 1 Purple)
Green Seer

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Come on. It’s not that hard to put reasonable teams together. There’s many many options you can try without resorting to using lame cliches like kraken loop. If you’re finding gem spawners too hard then play troops that freeze. Borealis is extremely underrated for example. The quickest, easiest and simplest way for gold farm is a 4x AOE team. There are many troops with AOE it’s easy to put a 6 color team together.

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Hm, I only noticed trouble in GW… in which I have to use questionable teams due to the color preference. They worked before but the last two days I lost two battles out of five which I never did before :o There were some unbelievable cascades for the ai. Have to watch that further.

In ranked PvP my teams still work as usual. The one you mentioned and my other (Krys, Krys, TDS, Krys/Sylv)

edit: Okay I take that back, for some reason there are unbelievable chains for the enemy. WTF I mean I’ve seen some rng crap here but my last 4 battles… I couldn’t believe it. I wish there was a replay function so I could record it and upload it on YT.

I like my legendary team of
Queen Mab
Jarl Firemantle
Runic Blade

Im not at endgame yet though so I dont know how effective it would be for you people who have gotten to endgame.

Exploders and trolls, with strong mostly. Just spam spells. Of course, that is most effective when you have comperable stat bonuses to your opponent, or random skull falls will probably take out a troop or two. If you have to fight much stronger opponents and just want consistency, anything with a converter hard loop or soft loop. Sekhma/hellcat, alchemist/terraxsis, valk/mercy, green seer/mercy are a few in addition to the hard loops of alchemist/hellcat and seer/spider. Or still trolls, if you don’t care about taking more losses. If you can work in exploders and come out with a semi-constently favorable income, do it. Looping is still the most consistent, but cascades are the new meta.

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Based on the players that registered on Ashtender, you can expect your average win rate to drop no matter what you do. The top PC/mobile rates are 98 or 99 percent (and there are a lot of them), while there are only a handful of console players over 95.

Looping teams are the most reliable but watch out for freeze troops.

What @mithran said…

Kraken (fully traited)
Forest Troll
= fast, but no souls

Kryst (fully traited)
Sylvanimora (fully traited for entangle, but not a must)
The Soul Dragon
Kerberos (or any other necro troop)
= a bit slower, but consistently 100-120 souls

The old OP Team, which unfortunately isn’t good anymore:
Infernal King

Meta is Krys and Kraken. And x4 speed.
Retreat if it’s takes too long. Repeat until you bored.

Because I just got Artema I’ve been using

Yasmine’s Chalice/Sun Disk/Pan’s Lute

Has had a couple of losses, but have been choosing the Stryx a lot to fight.

Other than that all my staple teams still work as they did before.

The old beast team still works very reliably, almost no effect of the pRNG streaks.

Boar Rider
Giant Spider
Boar Rider (can use Kerberos)
Forest Guardian

Green/yellow banner. All cards fully traited.

It is very reliable, 99%, although can be on the slow side. It does not have combos and thus there is no combo breaker. I played goblins quite a lot in the early days, so board manipulation for me is easy with two boars, all patterns are imprinted already. But it takes some time getting used to for newer players.

It is generally a no-brainer but there are a few tricks. First, sometimes it is better to cast the second boar to let the spider power up. Second, try to save blue and green 4+ matches for the spider. Third, don’t cast FG unless absolutely needed as it removes purple and makes spider difficult to cast. I cast FG only if barrier is needed urgently or for damage spike.

I’m using it this week to farm glory and in guild wars. In pvp, it is slightly under 2 minutes at 4x speed and can be faster against left opponents of around 7500-8500 teams. Still worth it in terms of extra glory but takes some mouse clicking effort.

I have. Been using

But I always change the 2nd troop depending on opp. Any great counter red works. Des for daemons, sehkma for whatever, Scarlett against beasts, etc.

Always try to find the power trio, I think I have.

My looping team built around sunbird has smashed pvp this week, a great troop to have :slight_smile: