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What should my Gems of War forum title be?

  • The Equine Matchmaker
  • Blue Pony, Red Mana
  • Constant Arena Player
  • Bellyrub Enthusiast
  • Free-To-Play Game Horse
  • Still Cannot Pull Carnex
  • Two Consoles, One Pony

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Now that I have taken Regular, I can have a title. These are the best I came up with… pick which one you think suits me.

I’ll live with whichever one.


What? No Gorgotha’s Mate or something like that? (Gorgotha’s Lunch?)


Let us not speak of those dark times.


Is that last one a reference to two girls who share a cup?

One pony, one jar

Congrats on your regular status.

The story of how hard it is to open a jar in ponyville without magic. (i got your reference i just wanted to add it to be a little more safe for work.)

Hehe that pony definitely opened the jar in the end and didnt even use hands… thats what i call magic

It just needed a lovetap.

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Well. You had to pick the silliest one.


I think it’s cute!

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I picked Bellyrub Enthusiast as well.

As @Lyya said, it’s cute. Plus, I love giving you bellyrubs!


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