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What should i spend gold on

Newish play at lvl 165 and trying to figure out if i shouls spend gold on kingdoms or chests. Any help would be great.

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Kingdoms. It’s almost never worth spending gold on chests.

The kingdoms will give you more tributes, better tributes, and stat boosts when fully leveled. It is important to do this as fast as possible.

The next place gold should go is your guild’s tasks. This can get you hundreds of gold keys, a handful of very high-value keys like event keys, and hard-to-get items like diamonds.

Only when there is no money to spend on your guild should you consider gold keys. The troops that gold keys get you are, with very few exceptions, garbage by the time you enter mid-game. The only purpose gold keys serve is blinging your commons out to mythic, or grabbing the commons from a new kingdom when it releases.


@Slypenslyde makes good points, to which I will add a couple of things.

First, when spending gold on your kingdoms, you get more bang for your buck by buying the early levels on all the kingdoms than you do for levelling up kingdoms to maximum one-by-one. In other words, work on getting all your kingdoms up to level 5 or 6, then start focusing one-by-one to start getting the stat bonus that you achieve when you reach level 10. And collect tribute as often as you can - this is the easiest source of resources in the game.

Second, you’ll benefit most from contributing gold to your guild when you’re in a guild where lots of people are doing the same thing. Find a guild with between 15 and 30 active players where everyone is contributing. If you’re not already in an active guild, you can check out the guild recruitment threads here on the forum, ask around in global chat or try the in-game guild finder (but that requires a lot of trial and error, jumping in and out of guilds until you find one that is decent).


Thank you all. I am contributing to my guild was just try to get an idea on what else.

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