What mythic to craft, hmmmm

So lets talk mythics real quick I pulled TINA-9000 at level 120, Zilopochtli at level 170, and Champion of Anu at 250 then didn’t pull another till around 860 when I pulled Yasmine’s Chosen, overall really good luck I then pulled Ishtara during their week a few days ago now I finally have the diamonds to craft a mythic and I’ve been told by everyone to craft The Possessed King, then High King Irongut, then after that its kind of whatever I want, well I’m gonna be honest TPK looks quite good but quite boring, I really really want Phoenicia I’ve heard she’s the bomb for Pet Rescue and Gnome Vaults and some Explore as well, any thoughts on this I’m happy to receive feedback and keep in mind I’m a Switch player we’re almost a year behind the rest of y’all. - Chan™

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I would craft Pho before the others. She is the best troop for leveling classes and let’s be honest leveling classes takes forever.

You want to craft HKI for progressing in delves. It is essential in higher levels of delves.

TPK is great for his third trait…if you have a storm going TPK is your mana generator. Also the transforming in his spell is useful as well. It’s not a game changing troop like Pho and HKI.

Honestly i would go wit HKI because progression in the delve help in two ways first help with shards to get more troops(delve troops) but troops none the less and other rewards n two help get you a pet eventually when cleared at 500 both of those are both a major need items phoe is more for end gamer quick clear and even then you have to have few thing for her to work like 3 nyasha medal a fully upgraded class wit the burning and something else and plus you already have mythic from that kingdom Tpk i actually love this troop 1 of my favorite but actually the legendary troop from warren faction do something similar but not 4 or5 match but just with yellow match

Well HKI was in literally last week and Phoe hasn’t been in at all this rotation so I’ll probably be going with Phoe although I really want HKI

TPK? Who’s that troop? I don’t use it. I will not recommend him for you too.

The Possesed King
High King Irongut
The Gray King
Ubastet/ Lord of Slaughter / Umenath
Ironhawk (*if it’s released already on Switch)

that would be my list of “what to get”…

Thats fine but rem you need a aleast one mythic from that kingdom to get the level 10 which another plus2 stat n already have mythic from that kingdom
I passed on phoe few times cause i had quelzma even tho like phoe better had bonus stat for that kingdom already order would be
3.which kingdom i need a mythic to get bonus stat but a great choice