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What Mythic Should I Craft Next?

I’ve been getting and crafting Mythic troops for awhile now. I started with what I wanted and what was good at the time. So, now I have most of them. There are only a few stragglers left. What should I Craft next?

What I’m Missing:

  1. Arachnaean Weaver
  2. Champion of Anu
  3. Draakulis
  4. Fallen Valdis
  5. Jotner Stormshield
  6. Ketras the Bull
  7. Megavore
  8. Plague
  9. Suna
  10. Xathenos

Soo, whom should I Craft and why?Thoughts?

My personal view:

  • Arachnaean Weaver just became better now that her summon was buffed to also deal triple damage to webbed targets.

  • Champion of Anu offers some fair sinergy for Sword’s Edge and is good to unlock more stars on this kingdom since it already have a faction too.

  • Ketras is fun to use. I enjoy buffing him and obliterating enemies.


Number 1, Thought about Weaver for the same reason you did.

Number 2, Champion of Anu seems cool. I know I could use it for Blue GW. But, I don’t see much use outside of that, other than what you said.

Number 3, Draak has its uses. I found one for GW and Delves. But, I just couldn’t see me using it that often.

Number 10, I need him for the Xbox Achievement. I’ve been putting that off forever. Maybe I should just “do it” and get it over with. Lol.