What is your favorite christmas or holiday movie?


When i see christmas story i feel nolstalgic :slight_smile:

But here is a list of my favorite holiday movies

Oncle buck
Home alone
Christmas vacation
Bad santa
Die hard

And you what is your best movie?


Trade Bad Santa for A Christmas Story.


Jingle all the way


I forgot to mention Elf with Will Ferrell :slight_smile:


I quite like the Hog Father. (RIP Terry P. May we remember him) and the Nightmare Before Christmas, though I find both a bit draining; artistically and narratively they are fantastic.


“Le père Noël est une ordure” (best Xmas movie)




Chucky 2 .


Muppet’s Christmas Carol
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (1964 TV special)


Ground hog day and scrooged. Have to love the Bill!


only some of them…



Will always be A Christmas Story! I watch it a few times on Christmas Eve and Day. Love that movie!


You’ll shoot your eye out kid.


Awesome Topic!

So many choices… but…

  1. Christmas Vacation (Top Spot, forever!!!)

  2. Jingle All the Way (It’s Turbo Tiiiiiiii—ahhhh!!!)

  3. Elf (SANTA! I know him!!)

  4. Arthur Christmas (A really heart warming family fun story with a great ending. Grand-Santa steals the show, though!)

And as others have already said… SO MANY MORE!!!


Reindeer Games.

But seriously:
Elf - for when we decorate the Christmas tree
The Nativity Story - for Christmas Eve