What is troop search finding? “arlo”

In an attempt to quickly locate Red Charlotte, I used the troop search feature to look for “arlo”. I got far more than just Red Charlotte, including quite a few troops without any obvious appearance of “arlo” in their text:

Where is “arlo” coming up for these troops? What obvious answer did I miss before racing to these forums to make this thread?

All ‘Warlocks’



Thanks. I realized this after I had made the thread, but didn’t feel like taking it down.

It has now become much harder to search for the blue/brown rare troop from Karakoth, since dozens of other troops will come up if you search for its name. This seems kind of silly, since we already have a role filter in the search menu.

Maybe if Salty or Kafka sees this they can pass along a feature request: don’t include troop role in text searches.


Haven’t nor plan to use the troop roles feature: maybe it’s useful for new players who are not familiar with/accustomed to searching for specific keywords?

Homogeneous wording (e.g. ‘summon’ a storm vs ‘conjure’ a storm :man_facepalming:) would go a longer way in helping us find what we are looking for, IMO…

…then again, sooner or later we may find ourselves in an event where we can only use ‘Warlocks’… :thinking::sweat_smile::vulcan_salute:


The text search function is dumb, as in unintelligent. It doesn’t have any bells and whistles. Long-standing issues include similar stuff like trying to find “Orc” troops and getting troops with the “ReinfORCed” trait.