What is this garbage? (Compensation)

Why is 100 gems not enough when the fact is at 2 levels per day you should be done with plenty of extra days to spare regardless of the lack of crasher ten. I’ll happily take your 100 of your that unhappy with it. Atm there are still 17 days left in event…that gets you 34/50 levels right there…if you can’t finish event because of three days of missing one crasher that’s on you.


The problem was this was a known issue, and it was assumed it was fixed. You never know when the 10th crasher appears. It can take many hours of play before the 10th pops. So, people kept playing and playing when they did not have to. Thus, it’s more about the time people feel wasted.

Tbh what would you have done instead?
Seriously. Would you have turned off your device during a vault event weekend and quit playing after getting the 10th BC?

If Yes, you probably dont care anymore about orbs, gems, diamonds and the other loot from a vault event. And so you shouldn’t care about the one missing reward of that kingdom event neither.

If No, why do you even complain about your time beeing wasted? You would have done explore or pvp anyways and that’s were those BCs appear.

Yes, this issue should have been fixed several weeks ago, but you already made your point. Repeating it billion times won’t make any differrence beside the fact, that everyone got a refund worth more then 100% of what we were missing.

I love people who are such stubborn that they can’t acknowledge their own… No, I’m not gonna say this


Could we please let this go. Everything has been said. Time to move on


Compensation is better than no compensation :roll_eyes:

Move on knowing that even “fixed” bugs may happen again, maybe check the forums to see if they show up again.

Ok thats totally fair…time being worth money and what not…I’m still cool with the comp but like I said I still managed to get two levels everyday so I wasn’t affected in the same way…looking at it like you pointed out I respectfully agree and recind my objections lol…the thought of playing for many hours without that last one is just mind numbing… especially with how fast the first nine dropped lol. Luck out there!