What is the trigger for pet rescue battles/ IS THERE A Special TRICK

:see_no_evil::hear_no_evil::speak_no_evil: well a few guild members and myself ,have an idea of what that trigger is . So any input Would be great . TURTLEMAN from the , NEW YORK KNIGHT$. Thanks you and all of the KNIGHT$ FINEST ,thank you ,in advance . :turtle: ps. Is there are special combination to make pet rescue occur more frequently .

Sometimes, a Pet Gnome appears in your battle. It’s the one that looks like Burt Reynolds.

If you defeat the Pet Gnome and win the battle, a pet rescue is triggered for your guild. It lasts for an hour. BUT. If there is already an active pet rescue, you just get some pet food.

Protip: if there’s an active pet rescue, but it’s ending in 5 minutes, you can choose to sit in combat and wait to win until the pet rescue is over. The game decides if a new one starts when you finish the match, not when it starts, so this will let you start a new pet rescue.

So most guilds have a dedicated discord channel for pet rescue alerts, used both to help people know when a pet rescue is active and to judge how long one might have to wait with a gnome to start a new one.

In short: the more combat your guild does, the more pet gnomes you see, and the more pet rescues you get.


Out of interest, I’ve found that if you kill all opponents including the pet gnome leaving one last enemy to defeat, then sit and wait until timer has ran out to kill the last enemy, then the new pet battle will not trigger. As far as I can tell from testing you cannot kill the pet gnome before the current timer runs out.

Yes, yes it does.

Just make sure to spot the difference between where an opponent is using the pet gnome as a selected troop, as opposed to the actual pet gnome used to trigger the pet event which has a little icon in the corner.

Ok ,thank you for the information mentioned above . I should have clarified my question better . I had a fellow guild mate trigger 5 in a row . I was doing exsplore battles and she was playing PVP . It was every other battle she had a trigger battle . Just wondering if there are better trigger opportunity ,with the right combinations.

Yeah he does , i have that card ,just never used it , its still at common level . :pirate_flag:

There are specific gnome event weekends where they will trigger more often.

Yeah okay ,thanks for replies ,kinda had a feeling thats what was happening .

Oh! Right. Forgot about those because I can’t play on weekends a lot.

They aren’t scheduled, they just sort of happen. You have to pay attention to the in-game news, the announcement sometimes doesn’t show up until it’s started.

People who speed run in casual pvp against low-level opponents seem to be the ones who get it the most. I do that during certain weeks (glory troop gives extra gold or glory/pvp snotstones), and i get a lot of them.

Ok thank you. I have noticed a difference ,when a new person joins the group . Maybe thats why . Kool thanks again .

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