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What is the thinking behind this new room in delves for faction teams

The new double Gorbil room in full flow. 2 casts, 2 dead troops, 10% chance plus gems transformed 3:1. First devour came from a 4 match only, 4 gems. 2nd Devour from 6 gems transformed.

I’d love for a dev to have 1 go at it on the stream, no need for your time issues, it won’t take more than a minute… and following you can explain how we are to deal with it with faction troops? You can set your team to 400 hoard and 50% hoard bonus and see how you go…

The room is borderline insane, because the Plague Rat will explode the entire board if there’s a few browns scattered and of course then come all the 1 shots with skull hits. My Wraith with 65% skull negation was demolished by an explosion into a zillion skulls from the sky. Wraith is the best faction troop there is for skull negation and it was obliterated in 1 explosion.

Oh and don’t forget this is only an ultra rare room… Edit, it was Epic at least on this battle.


I’m working on Primal Rift and I almost always take the path through the II room instead of the extra I room for this reason. The II room is theoretically supposed to be harder, but it also doesn’t have devour enemies, empowered enemies that swap your troops, etc. etc.