What is the strongest hero class?

  • Elementalist
  • Obviously Elementalist
  • Is this even a question?
  • I know, it starts with an E…
  • I stopped playing a year ago. Are Thief and Orbweaver still in the mix?
  • Anything other than Elementalist (please offer a damn good explanation)
  • Knight of course!

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I guess, unless it offers a mixture of spell immunity, skull damage reduction to 1 and invulnerability traits, the upcoming Geomancer class will not cause a significant change on top of the list.

Your questonaire does not seem to aim for a fair answer. Not all players are focusing on Elementalist. Imagine I used Deathknight more than the classes you mentioned.


Weird, I read this thread as what was the strongest hero class, not the most used.


The strongest hero class is Elementalist.


Elemental Force (Stun, Freeze, Burn, AND Entangle a random Enemy when matching 4 or more Gems) is, without a doubt, the strongest trait available to any class. Stuns remove traits. Freeze prevents extra turns. Burn removes barriers. Entangle prevents skull damage.

The Stone talent tree has Impact (inflict stun when enemies deal skull damage to me), Rock Solid (gain a barrier when matching brown gems), and Fortitude (immune to stun, poison, disease, death mark, lycanthropy, and devour).

The Water talent tree has access to Snap Freeze (freeze a random enemy at the start of battle), Insulated (immunity to frozen), and Deluge (submerge a random ally on 4+ gem matches). The Storms talent tree has access to Lightning Strike (explode 1 yellow gem on 4+ gem matches) and Lord of Storms (elementals gain 1 magic when an ally casts a spell).

Are there other really good classes? Yes, absolutely.

Slayer is the best class for Explore 12 with Zuul. It has Bloodlust trait (become enraged when an enemy dies), Bloodthirsty talent (Become enraged on 4+ gem matches), and Fireblade (triple skull damage to burning enemies). This allows it to deal tremendous skull damage.

I use Death Knight class when I’m playing with my Undead team (Ghost Queen + Gray King + Xathenos). It doesn’t really have any good traits or talents, except maybe Banishment (dispel all enemies on 4+ gem matches), but it is an Undead so it’s affected by all the other troops traits.

Generally speaking, if I want to have a 50% mana start and gain bonuses, I’ll use a corresponding class for the troop type. But, aside from that, yes, Elementalist is the best class as long as you can make use of its trait. If the entire enemy team is Impervious and you can’t curse, then yeah, Elementalist would be pretty weak.


I do agree with the not really aiming for a fair answer. It should have all the classes


The strongest for what purpose? You can’t use elementalist for everything. Hence, the questionnaire is not fair.

For me, slayer is ONE of the strongest in Explore 12. Some use Barbarian (for queen B/Venoxia team) and they can say that’s their strongest.

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No hero is best in E12, IMHO.