What is the standard for Vault Keys?

Is this good? Bad? Average?

It depends on what the major orb was, but I’m one who tends to be happy anytime l get a major orb.

I’m happiest when l get the 100 gems out of Cedric, but that’s rare.

All depends on what you need.
But I know you could do much worse, so what you got there I would say it’s pretty good. :+1:
Wish I got that every time… except them souls since I’ve got 11Million of them already :smiley:

That’s a fairly good one (on account of the Major Orb), I’d say! In between ‘average’ and ‘great’. Of course it then depends on how the Orb turned out. The Celestials would be a nice little bonus for those without maxed collections, as it could easily have been 2 minor traitstones instead.

Other good (and really good) drops include the 100 or 250 Gems, 50 Diamonds, 20(?) Gem Keys or 15(?) Event Keys.

A Minor Orb feels like a middling/okay prize to me, as do some of the smaller 1-4 Gem Key amounts from the Treasure Gnomes.


Any vault key that doesn’t result in yet another Cedric is a win.


I’m not sure I’ve ever had a vault turn out so thin, but I guess it is good enough. Normally I will pull Multiple Major Orbs with 50-100 Gem Keys.

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I got the hundred gems either the one before or after this. Thought I screencapped, but didn’t. Wasn’t sure if that was the lower end. And yeah, the Orb turned out Clans :frowning:

I don’t have one yet, unfortunately. This is only the third or fourth vault key I’ve opened. How long did it take you to get your first?

I once needed nothing. Now I need everything. 800 days away from the game will do that to you I guess. :laughing:

Yeah, RNG is usually turned down for me. adjusts tinfoil hat

Is there a high and low for each or is there some mid ground. I got 100 gems in one of the 3 keys I opened and assumed it was the high end, not the low end. :wink:

Looks like a pretty good result to me! I’ve had the 250 gem bonus twice. I’m still yet to find pet gnome troop which is driving me crazy, as I only need that troop, Zuul (currently have 6 orbs of power) and Pharos Ra (have over 4000 diamonds ready to craft in soulforge on next rotation) for the full set.

Long term, Clans orbs is the best orbs.

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It really is better than it seems—it’s worth 75 guild chests, so that’s a ton of high-end keys all at once if you think of it that way!

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I was lucky, and got him within my first 3. Since then, I’ve been a bit unlucky, since I keep getting him and don’t need anymore.

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So far the things I got when it comes from Vault Keys have been decent so far. The only things I wished was that I manage to get Cedric Sparklesack for that coveted Greedy Key Dream Team.

This is low end. Like, makes you wonder if it’s April Fool’s Day.

On a tangent question: Do you get better results with warlord iv difficulty or it doesn’t matter?

I have my feelings about it, who knows if they’re true or merely superstition. Personally, I feel that I get my best rewards on the “Hard” difficulty setting.