What is the point of having a new currency if you can not get it?

I have been trying hard to get the Cursed Gnome to show up, but nothing for almost a day of farming. This is not right. At this rate, how in the hell will we upgrade?

I wish they used the treasure maps in place of this new currency to give players something to cheer about and bring life to dead content like the treasure map.


There will be a way to get them after they have frustrated the player base. See when you are upset by not getting them it will be easier for them to convince you it is worth it to throw down some more real money to obtain that valuable resource or just keep banging your head against the wall. Your choice.


i think drenza and all the new weapons are supposedly something we grind for, just like how we grinded for ascension orb for zuul before the Palooza exists

the quickest way to get her fast is to buy the coming bait


I’ve given up.

It’s a pure tease for most players. Screw that.

I enjoyed the almost free resources for upgrading the forge a bit. End of celebration.


I haven’t even touched the new SF levels because of how disappointing this “celebration” was. I could upgrade them with gems, but what’s the point?

The silver lining is that I can play other games over GoW without feeling like I’m missing out anything during this time.


I am in exactly the same position, I sadly do not have hundreds of gems to waste on levelling up yet more elements. After farming almost continually since Thursday when this cursed gnome was supposed to be appearing “more frequently” I have only seen it twice while using 2 paloozas.
He has never appeared naturally anywhere. It was bad enough farming for elusive battlecrashers and that last one always taking forever to appear. But these guys just seem non existent. One of my team mates suggested chasing the lands with the mythstones bonus that is where they had success, but it did nothing for me sadly.


Pathetic just like the devs, they sinking this game now, always issues, not fun anymore, 2 days solid grinding, my hands are sore and I got 1 gnome, and it’s apparently an increased chance at getting them, p1ss off.


Literally over 400 explorer runs, and not a single gnome. If this is the “boosted” rate, I can’t imagine how bad the original one was.


Did a little over 200 explore fights (split between E1 and E12) and found 2 Cursed Gnomes. Both in E12.

I’m kinda bummed about the low drop rate but at the same time I know I’ll eventually get enough to get the mythic and 1 pet copy.

Actually during Vault event, got a few CG, but since Thursday the drop rate got shrink … Today I am farming and no CG… so far.

The issue is the Devs thing 99% of player base grinds like crazy so that’s why the low drop rate. In reality the grinders are likely less than 1%. They want to make sure they get some money out of folks. For me I always bought the season pass to keep up without having to grind. Now they want you to grind in addition to buying the pass. For me it’s a hard no going forward. Buying the stupid kingdom pass was my worst purchase and I won’t be doing it again. Who in the heck wants a forced grind to keep up when you are already supporting game via the season pass.


After many days of farming and nothing showing up for this nonsense, I gave up hope.

Instead of dealing with this headache, I spent my gems and didn’t give a damn how much it cost. It’s a huge letdown.

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Unless you have an absurd amount of gems, which some do and that’s fine, this really isn’t necessary. From what I understand, the crafts aren’t extremely good, at least not good enough that people should be blowing through gems on them. This resource is a bottleneck, and as is the pattern for GoW and f2p games in general, the bottleneck will be loosened with time.

TL;DR: No point in wasting a ton of gems on upgrading the Soulforge unless you’re rich. Patience, young grasshoppers.


That has been a question in the back of my mind this while time. I had a few days where I only had time to get say 5-7 Battle crashers. Sometimes I wouldnt see the first for 30-40 fights and I was focused in getting Guild related stuff completed when I was on I knew I wouldn’t finish the whole path. Some days I had 2 or 3 hours to play, but I couldn’t only get 10 each day, so once I was behind and the buy levels with gems was turned off the while time with no comment if it would ever get turned back on I just gave up trying. It also made no sense you had to pay extra money to get any real rewards from the grind.
If it had been daily sigils I could have stayed caught up, but the daily cap killed any chance of me spending money on the pass. Of course they turned the buy levels back on, but the 1k gems to complete didn’t make sense for me

I agree with you, however I have the extra resources to complete and maximize the Soulforge level upgrade. I considered upgrading so that I wouldn’t have to worry about whether or not the Cursed Gnome would appear.

This is clearly meant as a money grab, make them rare so people feel enticed to buy gems to spend on upgrading their forge, to trigger their FOMO.


you’d still want cursed gnome after you upgraded your SF for crafting new collectibles tho.

just think of them (cursed rune crafts) as something that will be done in months, not in a week


Great Idea gone bad, there are no Curse Gnomes to be had I grind daily , don’t bother b/c there is no 7 day increase at all. You now have a way of at least getting the things you need only to find the resources is not there at all to do so.

This has upset the player base. End of story.


People are falling in the same trap over and over again. Do you really see GoW as a level 1 explore grind? What foul magic has been bewitching you? I am sure this is not how this game is intended to be played. You’d be better off with some walking simulator, which at least wont incite any unwarranted rage.

Same situations has happened previously with all new resources. When the traistones were introduced, players complained how slow and painful their acquisition was. After the paying and grinding customers got their full, the rates of appearance were increased and multiple alternative ways were designed. Same things were with ingots at the beginning when the only reasonable way to get a mythic ingot was to win tier 1 in PvP. Now, even newer players have so many of these, more that enough to upgrade everything. Same things happened with deeds.

Where are all these “hard grinding” people now? I know, most of them are playing some other game, which is fine in my opinion and is a normal human behavior of abandoning stale and old toys. The point is that the toy is neither stale, nor old, it was wrongly used, not as intended. Instead of building a beautiful elaborate castle with these given wooden bricks, the players try to bite them, hammer nails with them, or simply scatter them around and cannot find anything meaningful left. Which is in human nature, OK. But aren’t we humans trying to be better than that primitive nature? Isn’t a game supposed to help us overcome it, instead of succumbing to it?

So, the cursed gnomes. like all other similar bs multiple times previously, will magically start to appear normally like it should once the players stop going after the insanity of catching them, which is here and now. Once those, who cannot control themselves, take their full of this senseless endeavor or spend some money to achieve this illusory achievement, the false joy will dissipate, leaving only those who are frustrated. Thus, the developers will have to counter this negative emotional attitude of now-majority by a noble tactics that “we listen to our community and have adjusted the rates and introduced new alternative ways to easily acquire … (insert your obsession here)”.

This is actually a normal way for game evolution. However, if this way involves dumbing everything down to level 1 explore, this is simply awful and lack respect both from developers to the players or players towards the game. The respect of the developers towards the game is long gone, for a couple of years now already, so there is no point in mentioning that.

tldr: I know, I am preaching on deaf ears in this case. So, move on, there is nothing to see here.


I don’t grind for anything anymore and given the rarity of Cursed Gnomes I have not even bothered. Nothing will get me to mindlessly play E1 for anything, if you do that’s your choice.