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What is the order of execution with the following scenario

Bone Dragon in slot 1 (my team)

Kraken (opposing team)
Attacks and has a cascade drop match 4 and of 3 skulls which creates frozen (ice on kraken card)

Does the kraken get free turn or not?

And if the answer is yes, Why? He’s frozen. He looses his ability to have that extra turn.

I’ve seen this in reverse with Mab match 4 and a cascade of multiple 4s does not get an extra turn period.

I believe getting frozen in the same set of moved against a Bone Dragon only freezes the skulls and not the other 2 colors. Every other freeze work correctly on the initial turn, but Bone Dragon possibly doesn’t. I have seen something similar to this with Bone Dragon before, but didn’t think much of it.

I suspect it’s because the Kraken was already ‘tagged’ to get a free turn before it became frozen. I don’t know how the game works but I assume it has a ‘stack’ similar to abilities resolving in MtG.

Ie: Kraken is due a free turn. Frozen does not ‘remove’ a free turn if has already been allocated, it just prevents a free turn from being allocated in the first place.

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If the 4-match isn’t purple or green then there’s no reason at all why they wouldn’t get a free turn.

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This would be my thought as well.

Are you sure it was just a skulls/green/purple extra turn? Kraken creates blues and since it doesn’t use blue it will get an extra turn from them, as long as there isn’t a frozen blue troop in the same team.

PEMDAS, obviously…

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Okay someone’s gone off a tangent. It doesn’t matter as far as I can see on the Kraken card. Any 4 match gives you an extra turn, Kraken hitting the Bone Dragon with skulls - causes Frozen on the Kraken and based on the card tip says the troops spells and mana no longer get an extra turn.

I think Tacet’s right - but I also think the order of execution there is playing with what happened first even if the three match skulls to Bone Dragon which created the frozen aspect is what the order of execution is.

Are you asking then about whether a 4-match of Skulls when hitting Bone Dragon with a non-Insulated/Impervious troop should trigger an extra turn? As far as I am aware, this has always resulted in loss of control unless you manage to make an incidental 4-match in the process (of a color that isn’t Frozen).


Yes, Lyya is right. So a red, Yellow, brown or blue 4-5 match would still give an extra-turn as it was not"earned" by the Frozen troop (kraken)