What is the most you have of one Base Mythic troop?


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3 Worldbreakers
2 Euyrali
2 Pharos Ra
2 War


I’m glad I don’t have a high number of any one. “Exactly 1 of each without ever disenchanting” would be optimal for me. Yes, including Pharos-Ra.

Some of these were from event keys, a few from legendary tasks, and a few from double pulls during the exclusive period, but a couple were from random keys during a non-exclusive period.

An alt has 4 copies of Jotnar:

All pulled while trying to get one copy of Hyndla Frostcrown during Stormheim event week. And you can tell how much I love using Jotnar on this account.


Genuine question. Why don’t people disenchant? Is there really no need for souls once you’ve crafted Dawnbringer?

I’m currently 350,000 souls towards my 1 million target and I “disenchant all” once a week to help me onwards to my target.


As a rule, yes: people with the resources to have excess mythics don’t have a need to disenchant anything.

Also, mythics are only worth 150 souls. So they’re really worth more as trophies.






4x Infernus, all of them came from Glory Keys. And on top of it, I’ve never gotten any other mythic with Glory Keys.