What is the most you have of one Base Mythic troop?


I honestly haven’t tried any team comps that can use 2 Megavores so I can’t say for sure.


Seven Plagues for me too.


Boy, we have a lot of Plagues in this game!!!
What is this the second exodus from Egypt?


7 Euryali for me


10 Death here


Not used in a single team… ever… :joy:



Death is the winner but plague is very close


1 Megavore for my Nicisita account which is my only non-retired account now.


The highest total for a single base Mythic for all users registered with GoWDB is 15 (and it’s Plague).
The highest number of base Mythics owned by any given user registered with GoWDB is 103, which averages to more than 3 copies of each Mythic.


Was Plague the first Mythic troop?
I remember getting my first Plague from a Day 30 Reward. :relieved:


War was the first.


Here’s the list in release date order.



Lmao that you had to include Sacred Treasure on the list. :grinning:
Thanks though. I remember Ketras being the first Mythic released when I started playing.


Hey, don’t shoot the messenger! I didn’t decide resources should suddenly be called troops!

That design decision is messing up my queries in a lot of ways; I am tempted to filter them out. Is there any value in them being listed anywhere (troop list, collection)?


Depends… Is laughter considered a value?


My vote is filter them out - people’s owned troops numbers jump up and down on the leaderboards depending on if they’ve recently upgraded hoards or not.


I agree. I’ve removed them from all parts of the GoWDB.


Hopefully no one ascended them to Mythic already for that lb. :scream:


I wish the devs would do the same ingame.


I sure hope not :confused: If they have, they’re entitled to a 100% refund of their GoWDB account fee.