What is the most underrated mythic?

Thought it would be cool to ask. All subjective, but try to add why you think it is underrated etc.


A mythic I rarely see but use myself all the time is Aquaria. It gives an extra blue at the start of the turn, heals all blue allies when matching blue gems and gets submerge–all useful defenses. I also like its attack because splash damage does not get deflected by submerge in enemies. Especially on teams that empower magic, I think it’s an underrated mythic just going by the fact that I never see it.


Draakulis is great for Vault. Pair him with any weapon that targets the last two enemies (say, Life & Death), Lep & Ghost queen, and the AI has to rely on 1 turn Cedrick fills. Which still happens.
Gray King is very effective in Delves. Maybe not as much as High King Irongut, but for the tuesday delves, he’ll get you there.
And for low level (2) explores, I’ve paired Kalika & Maraj Queen & Lep with Wicked Scythe (archmagus class & any of the +2 purple banners that also boost Kalika’s mana). Her ability to generate an elemental star means there are times she fills herself before your 1st match.


I loved Kalika during a recent event week when she was in the troop choices, also used her for Underspire that same week.

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Me too! She was a joy that event. :slight_smile:

King of Ravens in underrated, but it should show up in the Soulforge first before I say it is.

Amarok is slightly underrated and looping with the troop is pretty fun. I know I’ve caused some havoc in GW defenses when it first released, for a few GWs. Missing the devour can be annoying though. The only downside is that I don’t really have a major reason to use it most times, though it did the job in the Underspire during Broken Spire week.

Pan is slightly underrated, if only because it’s one of the better World Event troops in the categories it tends to show up in.

Tihamata would be extremely underrated if they ever buffed that troop’s wildcards generation. 3 just isn’t enough.

Out of these 4, King of Ravens would be the only one I’d go out of my way to recommend.


I feel like Ubastet has fallen out of fashion a bit over the years, although I still like to use it for yellow guild war days. The double kill is still an impressive effect to me.

During the last journey event, I had a surprisingly good time with Elemaugrim in my team. If you got something, that loops a lot, -4 attack pile up quicker than you think.

I’m not sure, if Possessed King qualifies as “underrated”, with him still being included in a lot of builds. That would mostly be for his explosion trait, while his spell tends to fall behind a little. But I have to say, there is something amusing about downgrading troops multiple times during a fight, that I would not want to miss, when playing just for fun.

Shahbanu Vespera makes a great high level boost/loop in towers and delves, if you are not in a hurry. Fights with 1000 on all skills happen quite frequently. Maybe others like her too, but as she’s anything but a Pvp troop, I would not notice.

All in all, I’m a simple mind. Give me something, that makes things blow up or wacky stuff happen, and I’ll be happy with it, even if it works below average, so my rating edges more towards entertainment than effectivity (One of my favourite fun teams is still one, that is centered around Chromite Sphinx and Xenith. Blowing up twenty or thirty gargoyle gems at once is a view to behold:-) ).


Tgk - i dont think its severly underrated but i think it should be in top 10 convo more than it is. True to multiple with all that stank on top…if u can get an enemy team using a lot of the same color (factions, gw) its over

Syco - so fun to set off those other mythics 3rd traits on 4-5 gem match. Loop on blue with missy n mega n tmq…plus 1000 hp for whole team. Think she should be in top 20 talk

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Ubastet got mentioned above, but I’m actually partial to Umenath when I want to do something different. Especially if she’s augmented by an event medal to massively boost her damage; under those circumstances her spell can one-shot a huge number of things. She’s a glass cannon, but she’s also very dangerous in the tank position because of Eagle Eye; if she kills something with her spell and generates skulls, she can chew through an opposition team in a hurry.

Definite risk/reward, “feast or famine” nature with her, but she makes for an interesting change of pace. At least for me.

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I didn’t even think Umenath was underrated, but I’m definitely currently using it in E12…

1st slot Umenath + Bane of Mercy is a strong combination and Umenath can kill at about 75-80% enemy hp rough guess, hoping they aren’t using spell armor of any kind.

Eye of Arges is in the same area of rated as Umenath I’d imagine.

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Hi i think Aries is underrated starting to use more often and rarely see anywhere.


I like Ahries too! Especially with a lil magic buff. This deck is fun for Explore 12.



I like Aquaticus’ submerge all troops with 4 or 5 gem matches, the light splash damage to 3 enemies (when paired with a magic giver the damage gets super high) and removes half of the blue gems. She works good for me.
The Wild Queen is cool too.


So many interesting posts. Thank you guys!

Damn… that’s awesome lol. Jeez. Which magic giver do you recommend?

The screenshot of his team appears to have Empress in the first spot; she’s likely the one who has pumped Ahries’ magic.


Yes, it is The Empress - the team code posted below the screenshot will give you the exact team, also.

I’m not sure what would be under-rated, because I don’t really know how everyone rates them all. I think I’d say The Gray King, though. I think it’s a solid troop and don’t see it talked about much.

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I actually brought him out again after Morthani’s Darkness was released. They make a good pair.

MD is also underrated imo.


What does underrated mean? I see people listing mythics i see teams for all the time