What is the guild level relation to member cap? answer found and explained

I’m new here, and hopefully I’ve placed the topic in the correct category …

I’ve got questions about guild levels, mainly how they exactly relate to max guild size. I’ve tried, but I can’t find any information about this anywhere.

What is the member cap per guild level?
How much xp does it take to level up a guild? Is that 50 for each level (the guild I’m currently in, needs this for a level up), or does it depend on what level the guild is? And if it depends, what it the math behind this?

The main point is that I’ve gathered up to 24 people now who are willing to grind gold for a few weeks and then join a guild together, to get the new dlc ‘team synergy’ trophy for the ps4. The problem is that a new guild seems to start with a member cap of 10. None of the people I’ve gathered own a guild with enough space for everyone. I thought a new guild would give everyone the opportunity to contribute and get this new ps4 trophy. But with a low member cap, this doesn’t seem to work out.

A question then about the new ‘team synergy’ trophy: does ‘joining a guild that has already completed every task of the week’ unlock the trophy?
If so, I can rotate everyone in and out, so everyone can donate to the guild tasks and later return to get the trophy we’ve all worked hard for together. And the member cap isn’t that important.
If not, we need a guild that already has room for 30 people, but is (nearly) empty, which is probably extremely rare. Basically we have the gold soon, but not a guild in which we can get this trophy. Or we need to grind out even more gold, to level up the guild so everyone can join in …

I don’t know the exact mechanics, and haven’t seen them posted anywhere, but I think your last sentence is basically the truth. You’ll need to get as many people into the best guild you’ve got and then level it up to make room for everyone. It’s been a long time since I was in a low-level guild, but my recollection is that it increased pretty rapidly once you had some active players in there. It shouldn’t take long to get the member cap up to 24 or higher.

I think you’d need to be a member of the guild AS it completes the final task for that trophy to trigger.

Thanks for the input.

Well … to answer my own question. I’ve joined and left lower level guilds to gather data.

Member cap starts at 10 and increases by one every guild level. With an end cap of 30 (as we all know so well). To increase the guild level, it takes 10 xp per level for guild levels 1-9. For level 10-19 it is 15 xp per level. Starting at guild level 20, it takes 25 xp to level it up.

After that I don’t know, nor do I care at the moment. At guild level 273, level up needs 50 xp. But when the xp requirements go up exactly, I don’t know.

For the trophy purpose, it needs 290 xp to level up a guild from scratch to hold 30 people. Doing all the tasks gives 486 xp. So that works out. The remaining question is: after having completed all the guild tasks, do newly joining people get the trophy as well. We’ll probably test this out.

edit 2
We have completed our tasks and tests.
After two weeks of recruiting and gold grinding we had a team of 53 people with a grand total of 20 million at the ready. We started a new guild on Monday the 20th and within 10 hours enough people had donated to the guild to complete all the tasks giving everyone present the trophy. We then started rotating people out and in, and everyone who joined the guild next got the trophy upon arrival. So far 50 people have gotten the trophy, and more invites are still pending. This is a really grindy trophy to get, but with proper preparations it is actually very easy.

We even had one donation of 550k glitch on us, so that wasn’t counted at all. And while doing the final yellow task, no one was able to donate 10k or more at once to it. Someone in the group tried a small donation of 1k, which luckily worked. And we finished that last statue as a team with loads of 1k donations …


Nice job collecting data! :wink:

I just wanted to point out that “trophies” are what you get for winning PvP and Arena battles. What you get for completing tasks are “rewards”. You got confused for a while there.