What is the drop rate for legend?

I just encountered sum1 in PvP with 3 legends + Tyri @ lvl 71 while I am lvl 35… Really? The other legend was (remove the entire board, fully heal itself & gain a ton of atk to itself)

I was wondering what the rate was ?

I managed to win the fight o_O

Spring Imp was from a recent event, so that was easy to obtain.

The other 2 legends were likely from luck on glory keys. Decent lower guilds can do around 50-300 glory keys per week. If he is somehow in a really high guild, that is 1,000-2,000 glory keys a week.

Tyri is also from the quest line of Zhul’kari, so she too is easy to obtain.

0,6% chance for a legend with a glory key, 2,4% with a gem key.


Given that they managed to actually trait Jarl, I have to assume they spent some money. I very much doubt they got their hands on 10x Red and 10x Brown Runics by lvl71 - I doubt I’d manage that many in a similar timeframe with the resources I have.

Currently traiting Jarl. 60 battles with out a Runic. Nuff said.

Where do you get these stats from? Tracking personal results or did I miss it somewhere in the game files?

This one. Tracked 700 keys. It was also the drop chance with an Iron Key back in the day.

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It should be 0.5 and 2.0 actually you getting a bit higher is just you getting a bit more lucky. Recently someone posted stats for 10000 glory keys and its 53 legends opened. So it falls into 0.5% category quite nice. Maybe it’s 0.55 and 2.2?

Sometimes you just get lucky too. I’ve only opened maybe 300 glory chests and pulled Goblin King, Orion, and 3(!?) Abhorath.

Ironically on console I’ve opened thousands of chests and have 0 Abhorath.

Ive twice got 2 legedaries out on 12 glory keys, so everything is possible, no limits.

I once pulled 2 Legendary troops out of a single Iron Key.

This raises more question than it answers.


My drop data currently (will be a LOT more when next kingdom drops and I use over 2000 keys)

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I recently opened 830 keys and got 14 legendary.

What about arcain traitstones?

Runic Stones should probably stand for Relic Stones and instead Runic Stones the Arcane Stones. In that Case the Arcane Stones percentage looks pretty realistic

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Yup, labeling error, not sure why I wrote it that way boggle