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What is the best skull teams for 3 trophy PvP nowadays?

Feel free to share your teams. I am mostly looking for teams that takes down the Meta, but feel free to post others too.


Doomed Axe (Priest)
Divine Ishbaala
Mercy/Moon Rabbit

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The match is pretty much game over if you dont find aligments on the starting board to set up Mercy or Moon Rabbit. :joy: :rofl:

Im Eika, and I decide to laugh about it!

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I don’t play a lot of PvP, but this one seems alright. Ish enchants, Qil blesses, Rabbit adds life, Hero purifies himself as has Lightning Strike.


You dont miss out on much except from frustration. :wink:

That’s what led me out of it. :wink:

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I keep coming back. I am a frustration seeker then… :open_mouth:

Next mission -> Arena.

No thanks! I rather slam my head in the wall.


this is my go to 3 trophy PVP team. It’s usually good enough for a 75ish% win rate. Now, I’m only using it to get the 22-25 wins to reach tier 1, so the sample size is quite small on a weekly basis.


Class doesn’t matter so you can level up whatever you want. The weapon is Flammifer.

Been using this one in pvp for a while. [6419,6759,1248,6751,3036,1,1,2,2,1,3,3,14018]

Webspinner or savage hunter in 1st slot. I like doomed scythe+Ishbaala+moon rabbit behind, but it’s vulnerable to freeze on last two troops (50% chance, if you use monk or frostmage class, and moon rabbit’s bless). I’ve had many 100+ win streaks on 3rd-tier PvP even so. Mercy would be better in last slot against freeze, but that interferes with both doomed scythe and doomed axe (removing purple in both cases).

I’ve been using this, gorg is beefy 75% reduction, so he is forgiving if wild queen doesn’t 4-5 match. Its even decent against root teams, with the amount of doom skulls, he will still do a good amount of damage.