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What is the best class?

Perhaps this question is too broad, but I’m curious: what is the best hero class?

Obviously Titan 'cause…Titan.

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Titan, Bard, Archer, Mechanist

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Bard seems to be the best to me, full stop, no competition. There are a few other “good” or “solid” or “usable” classes, but “best” isn’t even a fight.


There’s no one answer, because circumstances can dictate what you value.

But the classes that give you or your team 50% starting mana are among the most useful. Some are also nice because they pair well with “boosted by number of ally {creature type}” traits on powerful troops.

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Bard… ugh let me sing you a song, fear me! Laughable.

And sometimes Titan can be useful in certain situations because you can start with 50% mana.

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Those and Dragonguard. Other than Archer, they’re all pretty specific as to the teams they are good on, but Bard is overall the easiest to build a team around. Also: Titan and Bard are the only ones that give a magic bonus to Dawnbringer.

Bard is basically the only one I use.

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Bard and Dragonguard. Bard obviously works well with Dawnbringer. Dragonguard for Holy Armour.

Bard. I would rather have the power boost to yellow allies than the 50% starting mana any day.


Echoing the others, I switch between Archer, Bard and Titan on a regular basis. DragonGuard deserves an honorable mention and I’ve begun to use Priest again with this Ishbaala meta.

I was thinking about that, for a mention. I haven’t brought that out as a strategy myself yet though.

Yeah what everyone else said.

Going strictly off the title of this thread…
Physical Education…aka PE. :wink:

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I started with Warlord and use Warlords Battlecry on a giant team that uses red mana. It’s okay for PvE but not so much for PVP, Bosses, etc… I’m level 403, and my Giant troops are base Rare ascended to Epic. I don’t have any real great choices. I have the worst luck with getting them good troops.