What is the best and cheapest purple creator?


I think it is Giant Spider, but not sure…

Thanks for help!


I assume ‘cheapest’ refers fo mana cost.

Cheapest - Giant Spider (9)
Best - Green Slime (11), I would say.

Well, there aren’t that many purple spawners to begin with. The reason I think Green Slime is best, is because it both creates and transforms, compared to others that either create or transform.


Green slime. You mostly can control where the purple gems will be created which is great.


Yep, Green Slime best by far!


If you’re talking about “Control,” then I think you should be referring to the Shadow Dragon. No random element involved; you can exactly picture where the Purple Gems will appear.


While I agree that Shadow Dragon can control precisely where the gems will go, Green Slime also does this to a degree. He does specifically transform green into purple, so if you have a row of purple-green-purple-purple, you know that despite anything else that happens during his transform, that will result in a four match of purple. It will be true even if he ends up changing some of those purple gems into green (since that effect is random), because they will just get changed right back to purple.


Thanks for the replies, very helpful you are. Best supporting forum I have ever been in.

I run 3 skeletons and one Giant spider. Giant spider because of its +1 for every purple, would slimy done better? he doesnt have the trait.


It is what i run. my green slime does well :slight_smile:


you also run it :open_mouth: How does slim feed the 3 skeletons? have you tried with giant spider also, to compare


i have the skeletons fully traited and the slime and spider have none. Also use the +2 purple banner. My giant spider worked okay, i too thought that the extra purple would be good, but the slime let me make massive links.

I try to get at least two skeletons ready to fire before i start them. So when possible i get slime charged and play him to make the 2 skeletons (even after the 10 mana instead of 9) and then fire those… usually there are enough purples that after i clear out some of the skulls i can get another 10 purple and set off yet another skeleton.


Great to hear, much likely the same tactic. I still need a 2nd thought about using slime, since I have to upgrade him. A bit scared to use slim, cuz he takes green as well, and then I am afraid there will be little green left so he can change. What rarity is your troops?


While I concur Green Slime is the best, I would like to give Sylvasi an honorable mention.

Sylvasi converts yellow to purple while also stealing attack. Being an attack gain troop that generates purple, he pairs nicely with every single skull generator besides Sheggra. Furthermore, reducing enemy attack makes skull generators less risky to use.

Also as an attack gain troop, he is best suited on the front line. This makes him one of the only troops to use the Stealthy trait effectively. Between reducing enemy attack and not being target-able, he is extremely good at avoiding damage. When paired with a stat boosting troop such as Sunweaver, he can be quite hard to kill.


mine are purple rarity… and lvl 18. slime is untraited, skeleton is fully traited but i was using it before it was traited and still worked well.