What is Guild XP?

Sounds like a stupid question, but what grants XP to your guild ?

PVP trophies affects league rank. League rank defines gold bonus for login reward.

Filling tasks grants those little color stars. Those level up statues levels. Statues levels raises magic mastery and unlock bonuses.

What does increases guild experience points ?
Guild experience points raises guild level. Guild level affects maximum number of guild members. (up to 30).
What else ?
What’s the benefit for leveling guild beyond the 30 player limit ?

I’m 99% sure Guild XP (that affects your guild’s level) is gained from completing Guild Tasks (the Guild Statues). I can’t remember if Legendary Tasks give Guild XP but I don’t think they do (?)


It comes from completing Guild Tasks. :slight_smile:


Ok. Thanks a lot !

I’ll have to watch it closely but I suppose 1 task = 1 xp.

So, it is 1 XP per star in a task (the colored stars that also level your statues).

When at 4/12, the reward is 5 stars, so finishing that quest will give 5 guild XP.