What is considered 3rd party programs?

One of my GM’s has been perma banned due to claims of using a 3rd party program.

He’s been in the guild with me for more than a year, enough for me to know his character and swears to god he hasn’t cheated or used any programs or such.

He was banned once, a week ago and now he’s been perma banned while he’s on holiday with even hardly playing!

Does anyone else have similar experiences?
Is there any programs that the cheat detection software would recognize as a 3rd party software?

It’s not about programs, it’s about behavior that makes it exceedingly unlikely a human player is in the driver seat. Like when someone manages to collect every tribute precisely every hour, all day around the clock. It seems to be fairly easy to automate such actions if you are familiar with the technology involved, it’s you who is supposed to be playing the game though, not your toaster.

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