What is 19 daily guild seals?

Why do I receive 19 seals every day? Guild rank is God. What reward do receive other players?

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18 seals. We are at 800.000 trophies.

Edit. It may have been 19 though. I will pay more attention tomorrow and maybe we all get the same amount as a log in bonus.

15 seals here. We are at 290k trophies.

My ocd makes me want to rip my hair out it’s 19 and not 20. It was the only resource I could keep even numbers on.


We’re at 350k trophies and get 16 per day. Grandmaster II.

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Yeah, i have CDO.
It’s the same thing, but the letters are in order. LIKE THEY’RE SUPPOSED TO BE.



He was joking by putting the letters in alphabetical order.


At least seals come in predictable number, so you could still plan to spend them all some day. My daily seal is 16, so every 5 days that also happen with guild 40K seals total, I can still spend them all.

The 6 colored jewels though… It used to be empty every week because of Celestial Stone crafting, now they’re all messed up because of extra gain from Pet Rescue. T^T

Still, extra way to gain stuff is nice. So can’t really complain about that. Same thing happened to Diamond amount when Treasure Gnome is added, so maybe I’ll get used to it eventually…

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Yep, there is literally no resources in the game now that can be kept even. Only things you can keep even are seals collected and gold donated.

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Shards, I guess.

There was a change to the login rewards with 3.4


I wish they would just give a guild key instead. 20 seals = 1 guild key. And then for each million trophys add another guild key.

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I’ve 91k seals and no reason to spend them until new guild guardians come out.

19 a day at max level is just random and silly… that really should have been 20…

You may have twice that amount by the time that happens… or more…

50k is all that’s needed to insta-mythic new guardians when they ever happen.

We have 2 million trophies, give us 20 seals please.