What if you let a Gnome cast? [VIDEO]


I did this sacrifice for you guys :rofl::call_me_hand:
I knew that the 30% was more like 100% but still :yum:


Truly a Saint!.


Thanks, now we know to not let them cast. I haven’t fought one yet so great to gnome. Thank you.


Now, that a thing I hope to never see for myself in a game! It cures my curiosity though. :stuck_out_tongue:

I got to see Gnome 3 times now today. They are nice surprise bonus from explore farming. ^^


We appreciate your sacrifice just to show us what would happen nando :wink:


My first one tonight casted but he stayed, thankfully 30% was on my side.


I haven’t had any of them cast on me, but it’s been scary close a couple times! You are a saint for showing us all that which we knew but never wanted to try :heart_eyes:!


You just KNOW that guy was carrying a vault key. :laughing:


A noble sacrifice, indeed.