What if ___________ would be in Gems of War?

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With that being said…

I’ve been re-reading some of my comics and suddenly i imagined how some characters could exist inside our beloved Gems of War. Well, it took me some time to decide which one i would like to work with first, but in the end i chose one of my favorite villains:

Some explanation behind my choices of powers/traits:

  • Nature Link is there because Thaal Sinestro was a former Green Lantern, not only that he was know as one of the best Lanterns of all times. To be more precise his control over the power rings of all colors is show in certain issues. Even if less useful this trait would still work fine, considering the lore, if i would try to elaborate a card for his Daughter which is a Green Lantern or in the (not so) rare occassions Sinestro had to ally himself with Hal Jordan, also a Green Lantern.
  • Air Link, there is really no need to explain but i considered creating a more powerfull version of this trait making all Yellow Gem Matches Mana Surges. In the end i opted for using the regular trait.
  • Sinestro Corps Leader is a perfect reflex of his ego, even his corps carries his name unlike the other corps that are named by their own colors. Sinestro has such mastery over the yellow rings of power that he can charge himself as well as his minions to a certain degree. I had to simplify it for the game, in the comics he can control and drain all the power of the yellow rings around him and transfer to himself or others.
  • Spell: All “Ring bearers” can create barriers to protect themselves, the Yellow Corps are fueled by the fear they instigate into others, so i tried to translate it as reducing thei enemy’s attack. In the comics the Yellow light of fear is strong against the Green Light of Will. As a master of both light spectres Sinestro is obviously a big threat specially against the Green Lanterns Corps as he knows their weaknesses personally since he was responsible for training them for years before creating his own corps.

Well, i’m unsure if many people would know about this particular character/universe. Feel free to comment and/or even make and post your own adaptation of a character you like if he/she/it would be in GoW.

I remember @Ozball made a “mockup card creator” in the past, and i’m not sure if he would/could spend some time creating a new one with similar templates to look like the new cards. I did all my stuff in MSPaint to avoid using coprighted material as much as i could.


I like the reasoning behind the mockup Sinestro card’s traits and magic, because they make sense. I personally like Sinestro, as he is one of my favorite DC characters right behind Batman and Green Arrow. Considering the fan art was done with MSPaint, it is drawn really well and is better than anything I could manage.

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You should try and give life to a troop card of Green Arrow.

I can imagine something with his spell/arrow being about choosing a color gem on the board and adding a different effect to it. In the past i thought it wasn’t viable for the game to have so many tooltips, but then we have lists of Talents and Weapon Upgrades now, so go for it if you feel like.

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