What if... (a title could be shorter than 10 characters)

…burn, poison, and bleeding scaled with Magic. After all, other negative effects are ALWAYS 100% effective. Entangle reduces you to zero attack no matter how much attack you have. Webbed reduces you to zero magic no matter how much magic you have. But as players get more and more life and armor through kingdoms and delves and bonuses, things like burn/poison/bleeding represent less and less of a threat.


Makes sense, even with stacks on those that are able to stack its still trivial. If they raised it, they would have to do more than just that because new players would get smoked with a few stacks of say bleed. They would have to scale it somehow. Maybe using magic or something.

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They could also scale with the stats of the afflicted troop. Delves would need to be looked into of course but…

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Agreed that scaling the damage to the level of the enemy troops being affected makes total sense. That way new players wouldn’t be ground into paste immediately, but it also feels like those debuffs would be worth it for harder levels of difficulty. I like the concept of making things like poison and bleed true threats outside of Arena.

I’ve been tellin’ them to rework poison since … well probably since I started playing. I’m sure it felt underwhelming even when we had a grand total of 9 life on a legendary (and that’s probably one of the bigger ones? I don’t remember, we’re talking many years…).

Poison is the only debuff that can’t be removed by itself though. Once a troop is poisoned, it either dies or needs to be cleansed/blessed. That’s a little interesting.

They did buff poison. Remember when it would take a troop down to one life point and then stop? At least now it can kill them, even if it is one point at a time.

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Maybe, the status effects have rarity too? Just speculating at this point, with no response from those designed it. Webbed, Entangled are probably legendary.

Another thing to consider - the effects of entangle and web are temporary. That is, the attack and magic get back to their original numbers when cleansed. But burn, bleed and poison status’ effects are permanent. Maybe that’s a thing to consider? But of course, I’d be more worried if I’m webbed than when I’m entangled than when I’m poisoned/bleeding/burning.

I remember it making next to no difference in its usage, but that is true!

Sheesh, it used to be worse. Low bar, lowered.

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Than Curse and Stun are mythic :wink:

As for these particular debuffs:

They could stack…

Currently only bleed stacks and it does some incrementing damage (with 4 stack being 10 true damage).

Why not make burn and poison stackable…
With each burn stack getting +3 buring damage and once you hit fixed ammount of buring debuff (5 ? ) burning would deal damage to both armor and life (so you would deal 15 damage to armor and life → similiar to Mammoth troop) and maybe at full stacks (10), it would strip off all armor from affected unit in a single tick, while still doing 30 burn damage…

With poision damage could be similiar as with bleed → more stacks, even more damage…plus poision would still have 50% to tick and 0% chance to go away…

Bleed could have it’s stack limit lifted up to 10 or sth…
with even more damage scaling:
1 stack → 1 true damage
2 stacks → 3 true damage
3 stacks → 6 true damage
4 stack → 10 true damage
5 stacks → 15 true damage
6 stacks → 21 true damage
7 stacks → 28 true damage
8 stacks → 36 true damage
9 stacks → 45 true damage
10 stacks → 55 true damage

Just an idea…
These stacking debuffs would hurt newer players and probably most effective troops in early game would be troops that allow spamming these debuffs and waiting for enemies to melt down from massive bleed/burn/posion…

That would make Bloodwood extremely useful.

Also Mother of Darkness :wink:
Or troops like Euryali assuming that posion would stack and do similiar damage to bleed (and remember poision has 50% chance to do damage, BUT doesn’t cleanse itself, while bleed can).

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Poison could be reworked like gloomhaven and effect susceptibility to damage.
Bleed, poison, and fire currently are damage over time of course but conceptually bleed and fire make sense but poison less do.

Reducing the stack limits could pair with this too ofc.

Especially considering lycanthropy, all of these underscore the importance of cleanse.