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What if 505 sold abandoned guilds

I know privately selling an account is illegal but what if the game sold guilds that are 0 of 30? Of course this is totally hypothetical. The price would be scaled to how high you are starting and ending. In other words 20.00 for 1 spot in the top 100 and 20 spots for 1.00 in the top 1000. Dumb idea?



I don’t think it is a dumb idea, but it won’t happen. I know I’ve looked at some of those guilds and thought it would be great if a deserving guild could jump into those empty shoes, but what we’re seeing is a symptom of a much bigger problem with the guild ecosystem as a whole. It is long overdue for a major overhaul.


Personally I’ve suggested that inactive guilds if they remain inactive for x months just get purged. It would clean up so many of them.


I say it with no malice or intent to actually offend you, but it’s a very poor idea with many problems for the players and the publisher.

Technically the publisher doesn’t “owns” the progress of a guild, even an abandoned one, and couldn’t sell it. If they would, what stops them from creating upgraded guilds and sell those for anyone who can pay for huge benefits that were only available to be unlocked with effort and dedication? That would send a terrible message to every single player…

I understand the feeling that it seems like a terrible waste, and it really is, but for the very balance of guild’s competition it’s good, in a sense, that guilds can die. Imagine it as a dark reminder of what happens when the guild’s goals aren’t clear and there is dissenssion like when a bad leader takes control of a guild to the point everyone abandons the guild.


Everything else is sold round here these days so why not?

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As i said, the publisher don’t owns the progress of a guild. Otherwise, what would prevent them from disbanding your guild and selling it for players who want to start with upgraded statues? Or just charge real money, monthly, from the players to keep their guilds?

I know your question comes out of spite for the Raid Shop, but these are not things comparable in any level…

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you wanna ascribe something else to what I have written then feel free to misrepresent what’s stated because trolls do it every day at every opportunity - so carry on.

yes you can buy sigils at the shop - you don’t earn them, and everyone doesn’t automatically get given them. that’s a matter of fact.

Match fixing was ok, defence fixing, now we have conjoined guilds hopping in and out of each others raid, and the gw holiday scam. So what exactly is not for sale - certainly fair play isn’t available.

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Trolls indeed do it quite often… I totally agree.

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Yeah they do, in fact you the player owns nothing.
But not in the mood for a contract law discussion.

Any active guild member can petition 505 to take over as guild master if guild master absent over 30 days.

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No, they don’t, in a sense that their own Terms of Service prevents many arbitrary things from happening, like disbanding an entire guild simply because they wanto to. If they would change the Terms of Service to allow that, the players must be notified.

That’s is right, when they decide to cease the activities of the game i can’t take claim of anything. But as long as the game/service is available, and i’m eligible to play, the integrity of my account progress is to remain intact.

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I would be happy if they could just delete all of the dead guilds, I do not believe they could be sold and that would be against the spirit of working towards a common goal for a guild, It is hard to earn your way up to the top, to quote AC/DC “It is a long way to the top if you want to rock n’ roll”