What has happened to the parity in this game?

After reaching level 150 I have played about 50 games today. Every single game has matched me with opponents from levels between 260-1000. I know that there has to be more players closer to my level playing. Sometimes I was able to defeat the higher level players but skulls and gem matches usually had to fall just right in order for me to do it. I also know that while invading I have the option to ‘Try another’, but after 50 times that would seem a bit mundane to me. I really enjoy playing the game but a more balanced matchmaking process would be much appreciated.

I am experiencing the same situation. Also I have upgraded several characters to maximum level and their damage points is now reduced. It took a long time and some money to get the souls to upgraded these characters, only to have their damage points lowered. This is the same as stealing from the players. Very bad habit, please change and restore proper damage points to my characters.

They have visited this a couple times over the last year, but matchmaking has never really been quite right. The only time matchmaking was really balanced was the first few months, kind of like how consoles are now. Once the level range of players increases, their matchmaking system seems to mess up horribly.

I think what keeps messing up match making is the 15-1 rank system. Once you reach rank 1, you only get rank 1s. That means every single person you face has the capability to win that many times each week. Based on activity, there are only so many people that make it to rank 1. This makes every single match much harder and with a higher level vary. It is also why on reset day, Monday, level discrepancies are through the roof.

If the rank system was removed and replaced with X (wins - loses) = Y rewards, the system would work much better than the current 15 rank system. The 15 rank system would still be in place (i.e 2 wins = rank 14 prize ; 30 wins = rank 1 prize), but it would be changed to be unaffiliated with matchmaking. It would allow a level 150 rank 1 to be matched with a level 150 rank 15.

Thank you for the clarification Tacet. I didn’t know about the ranking system. Can you tell me where it shows this so that I can see what rank that I am?

You can check rank after a PvP match or in the guild menu under your name in the guild roaster.

the easiest place to find it is if you have joined a guild.
go to guild, roster, then click on PvP. it will show you the rank of everyone in your guild’s current rank (including yours).

another way is to do a pvp and after you win or lose - the first screen up will tell you your current rank and how many “wins” you need to get to the next rank.

Thanks you two. I see my ranking now, I just never really paid much attention to it before lol. :slight_smile:

Just quickly… one thing that has tripped up some players.

If you have a high win streak, it WILL give you harder matches. Some players (and I’m NOT saying anybody here does this!) will quit from a game when they’re losing. This causes your win streak to NOT reset to zero, and while it keeps ticking up, the matches keep getting harder.

Also noticed that pvps after you have done the events and got rank 1, you will meet many hard ones for about 12-24 hours. But will take off. Just my notification.

;), sometimes :stuck_out_tongue:

Does “retreat” count as reset? Because I hate to waste time playing a match I know is lost (like they killed my top guy in first round), so I just retreat.

I believe he is referring to closing the game client/application mid-game. A match doesn’t count when this happens so that the game doesn’t penalize for disconnects. It can be exploited to avoid ever losing a PvP invade (excludes arena, and doing it on an AI defend will still remove it from possible defends causing you to lose the gold they stole). I have used it several times when testing absurd builds. xD

Are you sure about this? From my experience, even after I reach rank 1, I still get matched with other ranks.

It may just be because of my level and win rate. Sometimes I will get defends from lower ranks, and very occasionally a rank 2 will appear in an invade, but at rank 1 nearly 100% of my battles are rank 1s.

Yes it does.

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