What happens when you win 174 matches in a row

Yao casts and gets 2 separate Mana surges on the same with. 1 for 8 Mana, the other for 7 Mana (at least) both on just 3 gem matches. Weird…:roll_eyes:
(I started recording after I could tell from the alignment and the AI catching all the breaks… That no matter what…I was headed for a L. :man_shrugging:)


I also noticed one thing. AI is self-aware and it will do everything, including make a cheating move (ignoring your extra turn) when you match a L ot T-shaped skulls at times, even if you have no negative effects.


Nevermind… Had nothing to do with the win streak…
Now that I’ve watched the AI trigger Familiar every time it’s been “hurt”. I’ve figured out the AI is just “on one” against me. My favorite part of the GoW… not only does “luck” decide Cascades and troops attainability in chests. But it also dictates what AI you see on a given day or week. I’m just “unlucky” today I guess. Which sucks because I wanted to actually play ranked PvP. Shame on me.

(4 giant spiders not counting the one currently just summoned.)
I remember when killing 4 troops was sufficient enough to win a match in GoW. But that was before when the devs were more worried about a balanced difficulty than a balanced check book. Can’t wait to lose a third of the points that I could of made again… Hopefully I can make tier 1 before the fire works go off in 7 hours.
Oh the AI took out my bottom 2 troops on round 2 and 3 thanks to one death Mark cast. Because life and Death should just be called “the AI wins”.


There’s one more thing that’s completely illogical to me as well.
I often see that cascades come in L or T-shapes at times, or pretty much 4-5 matches straight from above, without even needing to make a match. What’s even stranger, sometimes there are no skullstorms running, yet it’s raining down skulls, often even in cases when you have a certain gem color, yet it feels like it’s a skullstorm.


Great job devs. Truly. :clap::clap::clap::clap:

174-1 (over at least a few weeks)
Until today…
7-2. 🤦
So much for the AI not getting too lucky until I’ve cleared tier 1.

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Meanwhile on other versions of the same game.

Both 200 levels below me ↑↑↑
And 200 levels ahead of me ↓↓↓

Normal business ryan… today in gw a lvl 575 titan with mountaincrusher and 3 death troops kills nearly my entire team… astra did a yellow storm, but no yellow gems drop, a >>hidden<< brownstorm was active… over 10 extraturns trough 3matches in 3 battles for the ai.

Awiz troll defense team kills my best 3 teams (that beat anyone else easy) in 3 fights with things like, 3 times 100% first (possible) round deathmark kills(both troops), 100% manasurge, of course perfect starting board, skullstorms out of nowhere, etc

The devs shoud change this pseudo manasurge chances to the real percentage over the fight and display it optional at the end of the battle. Banditspam, spiderspam,… my bandits never spawn, my spiders rarly spawn…

The forced loss is real and that yao has a 100% manasurge rate are normal. 2x 3match -> full -> cast -> cascade of doom or so 2x 3match -> full -> 2 troops death are the normal action. I never saw a miss for him. Never.
I never saw a siren in the last 6 months that miss a cast, even when they target possession king with 3 colours.

People will say, ai can not cheat, you are paranoid, blah blah blah… maybe they are to…**** to notice it or so… or they don’t care.


I was debating this on Global just the other day… I was saying that regardless how good you are or how perfect your strategy is. there will never be a best player in this game as RNGesus always gets to have the last say. Spending more time and grind is what get us to that top spot and not in a fair way unfortunately as pvp point still not fixed