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What happens when you leave a guild?

Hi I was wondering what happens to the guilds stats and level when a person leaves. Also if I leave do I still get to add all my total trophy’s and seals to a new guild?

Stats and levels stay the same. Your totals for the new guild start at 0, and your seal cap for that week is still 1500 (so if you’ve claimed 1500 seals, they count for the old guild and you can’t claim any more for your new guild until the weekly reset).

Not sure what happens with unclaimed seals.

Thanks for reply, Iv got a ton of unclaimed seals and would be gutted not to take them with me, I may contact support and find out.

You can claim unclaimed seals on your new guild

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Phew! I sure hope so Mako :slight_smile:

Are you sure? I believe they are mailed to you when you leave the old guild, so you don’t lose them but your new guild can’t benefit from them.

I’m quite sure, I changed guilds recently (twice, if you consider a few months).

What you described happens when you have unclaimed seals when the week ends.