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What happens when Raid and Invasion roll around again and I already own the unique weapon?

Here is a question I have rattling around my brain…

With (Shentang) Raid Week, we saw the introduction of a Shentang Boss Killer troop and a unique Shentang Weapon.

With (Beast) Invasion Week, we saw the introduction of a Beast Tower Killer Troop and unique Beast buffed Weapon.

I assume that each Raid and Invasion will introduce new Troops and Weapons accordingly.


What happens when all Kingdoms and Beast types have been cycled through once? Will they replace those troop slots in the shop with gems? Or will they keep them there so you can purchase more copies over the years to eventually Mythic them without hitting Tier 7?

And to the devs: If you have based Tier Rewards on GEM VALUE, once I have purchased a weapon… I cannot benefit from that VALUE a second time, nor can I benefit from more than 4 mythic copies of any troop. So will you consider changing those rewards for players that already purchased weapons and putting other resources of equivalent GEM VALUE in its stead?

This post may have gotten more convoluted than I intended… :thinking:

tl;dr: Once the GEM VALUE of a Tier has been claimed (namely Tier 3 and weapons) how do the devs intend to justify the price tag for a tier that no longer holds the GEM VALUE it suggests?

EDIT: I edited the Thread title to better represent where my mind ended up. lol :crazy_face:

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Those troops are going into chests 4 weeks after release, so you’ll be able to get them mythic even if you never purchased a shop tier on release.

Also, with 32 kingdoms and a 3-week rotation, it would take 96 weeks (almost two years) for a Shentang raid event to roll around again (even if no new kingdoms were released) so I’m pretty sure they have given zero thought to how gem values might translate on a second time around.


If you look how futureproofing is done for other stuff in the game (it isn’t), it should be pretty clear that they haven’t thought that far ahead at this point.


Well if they rotate, but maybe it’s random like soulforge?

How long until Gems of War 2 comes out?

Surely this game can’t last forever.

Seems as though they’re trying to kill this one off…So not long :laughing:


Given that they have to design and release a new event-specific troop for each event, I think there is zero chance it is truly random. That being said, I think there will be no rhyme or reason to the kingdoms or troop-types that they choose outside of whatever is available with the troops they have designed. In other words, I think the troop-design process will dictate the kingdom choice and that will only flip when they start running out of kingdoms and troop-types.

Unless we can migrate troop from gow 1 to gow 2, im out

@Stan i agree, but at least the rotation will be quicker for invasion mode since there is less troop type then kingdom

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Not much - 26 single troop-types right now and most new kingdoms are releasing new troop-types. Some of those invasion weeks are going to feel a lot like raid weeks when we get a Stryx, Goblin, Naga, Urska or Merfolk week.

Ugh. I hope construct week is about 25 invasions from now. Am I right @Strat?


With all our daily task practices, we should be professionals by now.

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You console folks are about to take over :joy:


Yeah, but suffering through 15 “quick” explores is a long way from spending a week using constructs against enemies of ever-increasing strength. It’s going to be a frustrating week if we’re forced to rely on flaky post-nerf guild guardians to survive.

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True, at least we get to use our hero.