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What happens to your dead Allies' souls?

OK, so I was playing around with a Bombot deck and was enjoying the speed but every time I saw those souls at the end game screen, it was painful. There were so few. :frowning:

So, it got me to thinking. I understand that when an opponent kills one of your troops you should not receive anything for it, but if your troop gives his/her/its life for the good of your team, should you not receive their soul?

This would allow a team like mine, where lets say I sacrifice 2 bombots, I would receive 6 souls at the end of that battle, instead of 4. Its not a huge difference, but it might provide some small incentive to utilize sacrificial troops into your deck, as another means of soul generation.

What do you think? :wink:


Those souls go to the defender.

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There’s no difference between ally dying and… dying. Be it a sacrifice or losing a troop due to enemy. Suiciding comes with advantage of high damage, which in case of Bombots is really big (it’s only a common troop) - that shouldn’t be additionally rewarded, that’s my opinion :slight_smile:


I’m a simple man, I see my guild mate post a cool suggestion, I give it like.


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Thanks for the support, oh ye of simple minds!
@DonBoba and @Tacet. :wink:

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i think even the souls of your team that died being killed by the enemy directly could/should go to your souls collection

reason: you yourself and your other team mates are there to collect those souls, even if one of them died

the enemy team simply doesnt collect anything as they werent ordered to plunder and scavenge, but your team was ordered to and should do so even more likely to souls of their comrades then the enemy souls

There might be a problem with having your killed allies also giving you souls. Mainly because players would start letting their troops die intentionally.
But sacrificing your troops could give souls since you who is doing the killing, not the enemy.

And did I hear sacrifice soul farming team? :smiley:

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I see it as your allies and other people’s troops and such die and their souls go off on an adventure, and only your enemies are not allowed to do this so these souls collect around you to be used. Then when you use a valkyrie or some other soul gathering troop those souls on adventure get captured to be consumed.

i do not think so since its just +1 soul, even with 4x necromancy that is temporarely at 50% it would be +5 souls per kill, thats lower then any soul generating spell honestly, making deck based on this i dont thin would make the soul flow in game imbalanced in any way

that would be correct except that if you kill an enemy you dont need valkyrie or any soul generator to ‘capture’ it on the go, therefore ‘capturing’ your teammates souls should be just as justified

since everyone automatically captures their enemy souls, leaving teammate souls uncollected, can you imagine in fact all the souls wandering in the krystara and not underworld would amount of ONLY ‘abandoned’ teammates souls… thats so sad.

i prefer to imagine that valkyrie and such tap the souls directly from the underworld, where common non-fighting folks souls go to, and all your teammates just as enemies are(or hopefully will be) retrieved by you on the go instead.

Hmm, it could be worked in as:

  • a spell effect on a troop as it kills itself (like Bombot etc), e.g. a Ghost type that removes itself to hurt enemies and give you souls
  • a spell effect (like Sacrifice) that kills an ally troop to get extra souls
  • a unique legendary trait - gain 3 souls when an ally dies, or something - could go on KoS, or something new

…just for starters.

I’m not bothered about such things being abused or farmed - caps still apply - and they’re unlikely to be super-fast…

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that is not logical with the idea proposed in the thread
gettign more then 1 soul from a kill as a base means you are taking more souls… where from? the underworld?

i mean it looks like cool trait but it totally doesnt justify what happens to the teammate’s soul actually.

This thread is kind of horrifying when taken out of context.


This thread might be spooking the devs.

arent you overreacting guys? :joy:
this game is about collecting souls among the base resources
game name is gems of war
all the hero does is continuous killing everything he/she meets without questioning anything

how can burrial service for allies be spooky out of sudden after you have done all that for days/weeks/months of every day gameplay :thinking:

I would not call it an overreaction perse, more like a continuity error we want cleared up and the theory crafting that resulted in the continuity error.

I just find it odd we get a thread like this immediately after the devs have provided at least a dozen new ways (read: troop effects) to farm souls.