What happens to my guild war rank if I switch guilds?

I recently finished guild wars and will be a champion in my high bracket guild next guild wars. However, between now and the next guild wars I will be going on vacation and will need to switch to our vacation/inactive guild.

I will then rejoin my high bracket guild once I come back. Will I lose my position as champion since our inactive guild is at an extremely low bracket?

Sorry if this question is answered elsewhere, for some reason I can not seem to find the answer in search.

It switches to that guilds bracket and rank

That is disappointing, does it make a difference if it happens after this week is done but before next guild wars?

No it doesn’t

Anytime you join a new guild for a guild wars. You start out as a Soldier. So in the vacation guild you’ll be a Soldier. And when you rejoin this present guild, you’ll be a Soldier.

Unless this has changed you seem to get sorted in based on your most recent score. Meaning that if switch from an easy bracket guild to a tough bracket guild, chances are good you’ll end up as Paragon.

It changed. It was a bug prior. It’s been at least 4 GW since the change.