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What happens if you disenchant or use all of a troop?

Let’s say I use up all fully traited and ascended Gold Ring in the hoard to boost it up, what will happen when I get a new one? Will it still be fully traited and at all Level 17 or will it be back to it’s base rarity and not traited?

Similarly with say Alchemist. Let’s say I fully disenchanted them all, if I got another one, would it still be mythic will all traits or back to Rare and need to start over? Been thinking about it for a while but never actually tested it out in case I had to collect all the copies again.

With treasures specifically, the devs confirmed today that new copies will retain the rarity/level/traits of the previous copies. I assume that normal troops work the same way.


Way back when we first got traits, Devs confirmed that fully disenchanted troops of all sorts keep traits and levels when you get a fresh copy.