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What happens if I buy multiples of one bundle?

I need 125 VIP points for level 6. I also want to bank up some gems before next week to open as many VIP chests as possible.

If I purchase the Daily Gems bundle 5 times, will I get 125 VIP points and 75 gems a day for 15 days?

Unfortunately, you can only have one daily gems bundle running at a time.
Once you purchase it, it becomes grayed-out, and you can’t purchase again for 15 days.


And we don’t get VIP points for the fixed gem bundles, right?

Let me ask it this way - what’s my best option if I want to get 125 VIP points (to get me to level 6) AND give myself the highest chance to get next week’s mythic?

I’m wondering if I should just buy two Key Bundles. Or maybe some combinations of a Key Bundle and Gems.

You get VIP points for all money spent.

I’m confused by your phrase about not getting VIP points for fixed gem bundles.

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It doesn’t say in the interface whether the gem packs give VIP points, perhaps because it’s covered up by the little banner that tells me how many extra gems I get due to being VIP 5?

Yes, I just went in game to see what might be confusing you. Every $1 = 5VIP. So you need to spend $25 to get the 125 VIP.

That should be a Chalice of Gems ($20) and a Daily Gems ($5) to meet the $25 you need to hit the VIP numbers you mention.

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If you click them, they show how much VIP points you get. :slight_smile:


Sweet. That should allow me to open at least 50 VIP chests next week. That would give me the best shot at the new Mythic, right?

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Yes. The randomness of the Mythic Troops can be very frustrating.

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VIP chests do give you the best “bang for the buck” when hunting Mythics but it’s still not guaranteed. @Tacet did a video recently where he had to open something like 700 VIP chests before he got a Mythic. It’s still RNG and RNG can be fickle.


Yeah, I know there’s no guarantees. I just want to give myself the greatest odds possible.

250 VIP chests, I don’t think anyone can afford 700. xD

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Pretty sure @UKresistance went through 6-700 for his first Mythic

I was just exaggerating your legend…or something. Ok, fine I just forgot. Lol

300 vip and 10k glory keys, no mythic. Opened a few hundred regular gem chests and got death.

Ah ok. Wasnt too bad so! :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t trust the rng on console. I think you do better for rares buying 1 at a time instead of 50.

I had nasty luck on console. I only had 1 legendary at level 220 or so so I switched to mobile. That also allowed me to play more so for me it was win/win.

Not so easy going through 10k keys that way