What happens at delve level 500?

Just a curious question from a mid-game player:

After reaching level 500 in a delve faction, what is the starting treasure multiplier for your future level 500 (normal) delves? Is it x1.0 or x2.0 ?



Image says more than a thousand words. There you go.


Thanks for the reply. Isn’t that kind of … crippling?

By the time you have all delves at 500, you (usually) no longer need the resources / gold a player gets from playing delve runs, because you (usually) have a big stash from other places in the game. Most players reach 500 in delves, beat 500 pure (beat level 500 using only faction troops, no weapon), and rarely (if ever) touch delves ever again.


Hurts a little about the chaos shards though, if you are aiming for high vault levels. I suggested a change on that a while ago, but I doubt that will ever happen.

Unfortunately, Gems of War has a lot of kind of crippling progression taxes. Expect to get punished for progressing.


True. But after most delves are done pure, playing the Tuesday event up to rewards & chaos shards dropping from gnomes & epic vault keys is (usually) enough to get a regular income of chaos shards (and treasure troops, because that’s what is needed later on) for upcoming factions and the last few pure 500 left. And not all delves need a high hoard for beating pure, so that’s one place less for spending the shards and treasure troops.

There’s also that fifth faction troop that gets added every 4 weeks, costing somewhat north of 10k shards on average to pull to mythic. You either have to play your free sigils each day to collect that much or pay up in some other way.

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Is it really once a month, that we are punished with a delve weekend? I felt like those were a little rarer, but my time perception isn’t working properly lately.
Those two things can be combined though; when digging for high rarity treasures, one can as well do that in the kingdom, that has a fresh one in its drops.

Weekends now rotate through Bounty, Arena, Faction and Vault. The new kingdom currently just messes it up a little.

You eventually reach the point where you no longer need any further treasures but still want the fifth faction troop. Some players don’t even upgrade their hoard past 100, because it’s a huge gold sink that’s outlived its purposes after beating PF500.

By the time a person only needs to worry about the fifth faction troop, and they don’t worry about 500 pure, they (usually) can spare the blue orbs once a month to level this fifth troop to mythic as well, because most likely they have played the game long enough and gathered enough orbs in the process that they already have the power-orb-hungry troops.

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I guess, I am a little off the equation then, as I am horrible at playing pure faction and don’t even attempt a 500 run until hoard 200 at least. And who knows, how far I still need to push the likes of minotaur and lyrasza to have a chance.
So yeah, never enough chaos shards here. :wink:

FA schedule spoiler:


Lyrasza is coming as a weekend delve in March! I’m waiting for that one as if it were Xmas.

Yeah, on the account that has all delves done pure, I don’t even bother with Tuesday FA and I’ve got 225k chaos shards. My alt account, which is 11 pure 500 away from a full set, is constantly short :rofl:

Don’t know, if I should really look forward to that spoiler. This is the one faction, where I dread the thought alone of using its troops, so I will most likely leave it be until I am through all the other ones. And while I have not checked, I can’t imagine, that the new troop will have a different pattern.

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Better to have the support of the event potions than not have them. It all boils down to gem stash during weekend FAs. Even :poop: faction spells and troops are less :poop: with enough power potions from T7.