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What happened to YSABELLE and why?

Did Queen Ysabelle get killed by a bug or did she get nerfed intentionally ? Her pre-Update spell-damage was attack plus/including attack-buff from spell. Now damage is reduced to attack before spell bonus is applied ! i hope it’s only a bug that can be repaired. she was a bit underrated , useful troop that was in no way op. now she got simply destroyed without a reason !

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We were reacting to complaints that her spell was not behaving as described (damage was happening post buff, even though the spell text implied that damage happened pre-buff).

I’ll add her to the list, and we can examine if that’s underpowered her too much.


thx for your quick answer and looking into it ! The german version of the spell-text implies the status before update/nerf ( first give buff to one troop then deal damage to opponent )

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The English description matches the new behavior. Still, I was using her tonight and was surprised by the change.

I never used her before but I certainly won’t be be rethinking that decision now.

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Queen Ysabelle was very good, and still is. I used her today to complete a daily task, she’s the MVP in any team you use her.

I say keep her dealing damage as pre buff attack.

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I used her for a daily task yesterday and she was fine. It would have been nice if she buffed and then did damage, but it just meant that she was a step slower than she used to be. I could do Humans and Green at the same time with her and was clearing PVP without much difficulty.

Why they adjusted her and not a bunch of other troops that are processing out of order, I don’t know.